5 Unproductive Habits I Should Desist From

5 Unproductive Habits I Should Desist From

It’s a fact that not every activity we engage in is healthy for us. There are things that we are better off not doing, but still, we engage in. Instead of trying to justify our actions, we should choose to be honest with ourselves and admit the truth. I have identified five of such unproductive activities that I engage in and need to quit for my own good myself. I do understand the process of weaning myself off of these habits will have to be gradual and that expecting myself to go cold-turkey on them would only cause for unnecessary pressure. So, with that said, here are five unproductive habits I need to stop doing asap.

I Need To Stop Over-Thinking Things.

A lot of my ideas have not succeeded past the ideation stage because of my proclivity to over-think things. I’m a teeny tiny bit of a perfectionist.  As a result, whenever I have an idea, I always tend to find myself over-thinking things sooner or later. And this has accounted for many ideas not seeing the light of day. While it’s good, and very important to think things through, doing it too much is usually unproductive.

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I Need To Stop Being Terrified Of Building A Network.

As I write this, my professional network is practically nonexistent. Not because of a dearth of opportunities to grow a network, but because of my fear for meeting people. If there is one activity I’ll kill to not engage in, it has to be networking. My idea of networking is making myself undiscoverable, and when discovered, be difficult to relate with. People have tried, severally, to initiate professional relationships with me and a lot of those situations have ended in the other party becoming frustrated by my unresponsive attitude and giving up.

I Need To Stop Being Creatively Insecure.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I found out I’m the most creatively insecure creative out there. I live breathe, walk, and talk creative insecurity. Of course, I realize the negative effects of creative insecurity, but even at that… I’ve decided and also started consciously working on conquering my creative insecurities for some months now. Let’s just hope and pray that, for my sake, I don’t become overwhelmed too early into the battle.

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I Need Stop Procrastinating.

I procrastinate on the simplest things. Even with activities that don’t require so much energy and concentration, I find myself procrastinating. And what’s funny is, if you need a compelling article on the dangers of procrastination, you can rest assured I’ll whip a good one up for you in no time. But then, when it comes time to actually put the knowledge to use, I tend to forget. It’s only at the aftermath of procrastination that I seem to realize how malignant procrastination really is.

I Need To Stop Putting Undue Pressure On Myself.

If there one thing I don’t do enough, it is to give myself credit where I’m deserving of it. However, when it comes to mounting pressure on myself, mostly unduly, I’m a grandmaster at that. It’s like I can’t draw a line between motivating myself and unduly pressuring myself. One minute, I’m doing the former, and before you can say jack, I’ve slipped into the later. And, it’s not like anything good comes out of this habit of putting myself under undue pressure. If anything, it only causes me to battle neurotic feelings. But still, I catch myself repeatedly unduly pressuring myself.

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What are those unproductive habits you know you have to drop? Feel free to share, let’s be each other’s accountability partners.

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