Awesome African Web Series (Non-Nigerian) You Should Binge Watch

Awesome African Web Series (Non-Nigerian) You Should Binge Watch.

A Yoruba adage says, the kid who hasn’t been on another farm, believes his father’s is the biggest. And that is true and very applicable to the topic of this post. Undoubtedly, Nigerian web series are awesome. Hence, the possibility of Nigerian audience members becoming stuck with indigenous digital content. However, outside the borders of Nigeria and on the African continent, there are content creators doing awesome stuff too. If you ever decide to explore outside the box, these are some African web series you should definitely check out.

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AN AFRICAN CITY [Originating Country: Ghana] [Number Of Seasons: Two]

An African City is themed Africa’s version of popular American television series, Sex, and The City. The series follows the lives of 5 single young ladies of Ghanaian descent. These ladies have just returned to Ghana after spending most of their lives abroad. The series explores in part their everyday struggles as they seek to settle back into their culture of origin. The show’s attention is, however, set prominently on their dating experiences. The first season of the show is available for free streaming on YouTube. However, to watch the second season of the series, an IrokoTv subscription is required.

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TUKO MACHO [Originating Country: Kenya] [Number Of Seasons: One]

Tuko Macho is a crime web series produced by Nairobi-based art collective known as The Nest Collective. The series is a dramatization of Kenya’s issues with crime and vigilante justice. In the series, a vigilante group, Tuko Macho, springs up response to the growing and unchecked rate of crime and lawlessness in the country. The series follows the activities of the group on its noble quest to restore law and order and also the response the group’s approach elicits from the locals and the authorities. Tuko Macho currently has only one complete season which is available for free streaming on The Nest Collective’s Vimeo page.

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LOVE GAMES ZAMBIA [Originating Country: Zambia] [Number Of Seasons: Two]

The series Love Games Zambia was created as part of a Safe Love campaign by the Zambian Ministry of Health. The series tackles the issue of sexual health through the interweaving stories of five female friends. I personally consider Love Games Zambia to be a barebones version of Shuga. The focus of both shows are similar, however, Love Games, Unlike Shuga, comes without the bells and whistles. All episodes from the two seasons of the show are available to be streamed on YouTube.

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MTV SHUGA [Originating Country: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa] [Number Of Seasons: Six]

I’m sure most, if not all, of those who’ll watch this video have probably seen every episode of Shuga. And, yes, that knowledge made me consider taking Shuga off this list. But seeing how Shuga is a household name when it comes to African web series, I chose to include it for good measures. The show is popular for sexual health education, particularly among young adults. Shuga has had installments shot in the East, West, and South of Africa. Currently in its sixth season, previous seasons of Shuga are available for free streaming on the show’s YouTube channel.

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Which one of these shows have you seen/will you be checking out? Please, let me know in the comments section.

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