I Stopped Buying Popcorn At The Cinemas

I stopped buying popcorn at the cinema

How it came to become a norm that popcorn be served to moviegoers, I still don’t know. But, for an average moviegoer, it is customary to visit the concession stand before proceeding to the screening hall. I used to do that too.  But, recently, I stopped patronizing the concession stand at cinemas. Nowadays, once I get my ticket, my next stop is the back row of my assigned screening room. Why did I start skipping snacks? Below are some of the reasons;

1.Thanks To Six Years Of Boarding School, I’m A Very Fast Eater.

Even after nine years of leaving the boarding school system, one of the things I picked up from the system that hasn’t left me is the ability to consume food quickly. The boarding system subtly teaches you that – except you were a border in schools like Corona or British International School. The implication of this when I go to the cinema and choose to buy me some popcorn is very simple. It finishes even before the movie reaches the quarter hour mark. I want to believe that is not the reason we buy these snacks. It definitely can’t be for us to have emptied the bag when the movie has barely started.

And, if I’ll be honest, days when the popcorn survives up to the quarter hour mark, are the good days. On days when I get my ticket early, it’s worse. Sometimes, I would already have an empty popcorn bag while movie trailers are still playing. So, what’s then is the point?  If the popcorn wouldn’t serve me for at least halfway through the movie, why should I bother?

2. Popcorn And Soda Has Become Boring Over Time

The monotony of having popcorn and soda all the time drained the fun out of it. I recently read online about a cinema that serves beer to its customers. Not that I’m advocating for the sale of beer in Nigerian Cinemas – that might be a catastrophic idea. All I’m saying is this, something other than popcorn and soda would be appreciated.

I know of some cinemas in Lagos that are now switching things up. Deviating from the norm of serving just popcorn and soda alone. Adding other items to their list of refreshments. Maybe they have been doing this for a while and I never knew sha.  I know of one that serves coffee. While that is a welcomed development, thing is, I don’t take coffee. And, there is an interesting story to that, but that is gist for another day.

3 And, Of Course, Cinema Popcorn Is So Darn Expensive.

This might just be the major reason I stopped. Popcorn has suddenly become mega expensive. And not all of us are balling, you know.  Look, I know cinemas make most of their money from sales made at the concession stands. But, they also need to be considerate. The way cinemas have inflated the price of their popcorn in recent times is alarming.

I was at the Silverbird Cinema in Ikeja City Mall the other day. I was queuing for my ticket when a young lady suddenly screamed from the concession stand. Apparently, she had no clue popcorn could be so expensive. I mean, really, it’s just guguru. This young lady heard the exorbitant price popcorn was selling for and lost it. Even though unlike this young lady, I have never screamed in a cinema hallway before, I do share her sentiments. The selling price is just a little too much.

If I would spend that much on popcorn, I’d rather buy in traffic and use it to up my “favorite uncle” rankings with little kids. Not to consume it in less than 10 minutes while I expect a movie to take off.

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