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Seun Ajayi Short Films

Breakthroughs do not come to those who simply wish for it without taking significant action that would position them for one. As a matter of fact, it is an experience reserved exclusively for those who take conscious and determined steps that moves them towards attaining their set goals. People who, even when the odds do not look to be in their favor and success seems very unlikely, keep striving to see that their dream someday becomes a reality.

While a lot of people might have first found out and be introduced to his acting talent in the earlier part of 2016 when he scored the lead role in The Audrey Silva Company’ sophomore theatrical release, Surulere. Seun Ajayi had been around for a while prior to that. A second runner-up on the third season of Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) reality Tv show, his case, as some might have wrongly concluded, is not one of an actor who got lucky, but that of opportunity meeting preparedness.

While I cannot say for a fact that this was the year that Seun started appearing in front of the camera. I do know that for a long time before he appeared as Arinze in the movie, Surulere, I had being chanced to see a much younger Seun Ajayi in quite a number of short movies and web series – A cameo appearance on the first episode of the second season of NdaniTv’s critically acclaimed web series, Gidi Up, inclusive. If one thing was evident through all these projects, it had to be that Seun was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this was indeed what he really wanted and was determined to give his all to get it.

A nostalgic journey back to the early days of Seun Ajayi’s career, I will be sharing a couple of such projects where Seun Ajayi had to cut his teeth before eventually having his breakthrough moment, scoring the lead on Surulere.

All Sorts of Trouble

Release Year – 2011

Filmmaker’s Synopsis

A young man’s search for redemption plunges him and his shady neighbour into All Sorts Of Trouble

To watch ‘All Sorts Of Trouble,’ click here

Black Out

Release Year – 2010

To watch ‘Blackout,’ click here


Release Year – 2013

Filmmaker’s Synopsis

Crimson is a series of short fictitious thrillers loosely based on several mysteries within Nigeria’s intriguing political space.

To watch ‘Crimson: Amazing Grace,’ click here

To watch ‘Crimson: Your Cup Of Tea,’ click here

To watch ‘Crimson: Ink, Blood, and Piss,’ click here


Also a film director, Seun Ajayi has this NdaniTv produced short film, Frostbite, to his credit.

Filmmaker’s Synopsis

Frostbite is a heartwarming story of a passionate love and it’s journey through the actuality of the real world.

To watch ‘Frostbite’ click here

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