Learn How To Shaku Shaku With These 5 Tutorials

Learn How To Shaku Shaku With These 5 Tutorials

Before we talk about how to shaku shaku, let’s briefly talk about the origins of the dance itself. shaku shaku is a Nigerian dance step that started gaining grounds around the tail end of the year 2017. Presently, shaku shaku is the in vogue dance in most areas of the country. As of this moment, shaku shaku ranks, arguably, as one of the longest reigning Nigerian dance steps of contemporary times. The dance was made popular by Nigerian indigenous rapper, Olamide, with the release of his 2018 hit song, Science Students. Following the release of the song, the internet went agog with videos of fans doing the shaku shaku to the song. Even celebrities weren’t left out, as a lot of notable celebrities also shared videos of themselves doing the shaku shaku.

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The shaku shaku dance step has evolved notably over the course of its reign. While the basic and rudimentary aspects of the dance still remain intact, new styles have been added to it. Undoubtedly, this evolving nature of the dance has helped to keep it fresh and continually appealing. The popularity of the dance, coupled with its longevity, notwithstanding, a number of Nigerians still don’t know how to shaku shaku, even if they have to do it to save their lives. For some, it’s due to a lack of interest in the dance, and that’s understandable. For others, however, it’s not for lack of interest in how to shaku shaku, they just find the dance step too hard to master.

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If you belong in that category of people who are desirous of becoming shaku shaku grandmasters, but are yet to grasp even the basics of the dance, let alone master it, look no further than the tutorials highlighted in this video. These tutorials are sure to teach you a thing or two and set you on the path of becoming a master shaku shakuer in no time. Hopefully, by the time you’re done watching, you’d be able to burst the move effortlessly on any dance floor you find yourself.

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