LowlaDee’s Plan B Movie Review

LowlaDee's Plan B Movie Review

Brave, A Place Called Happy, What do these movies have in common? For one, they are both Dolapo Adeleke – LowlaDee– projects. Asides from that, and more important to this post, It’s the simplicity of their plots. I think it’s almost safe to say the distinguishing factor and common denominator to LowlaDee’s projects is the simplicity of their plots. Her stories are characteristically intentionally simple and true. What makes it better is how she doesn’t try, either egotistically or subconsciously, to guise these stories as grand. With her latest project, LowlaDee doesn’t stray from her trademark unique style of filmmaking.

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Plan B, a digital/TV Film, follows the aftermath of an eventful night in the life of broke stylist, Lisa Waweru. Following a brutal breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Lisa, uncharacteristic of her, goes on a drinking spree. The night ends in a one night stand with a mystery man for Lisa. 5 months later and pregnant, Lisa Waweru, discovers this mystery man to be Dele Coker, a successful Nigerian CEO based in Nairobi. With the support of her best friend, Joyce, she seeks out the father of her baby. But, contrary to her expectations, Dele Coker isn’t welcoming of her and the baby. As a direct result of the shock rejection, Lisa and Joyce are forced to come up with a PLAN B.

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Like I already mentioned, it’s a simple feel-good rom-com, sort of like the good Lifetime & Hallmark rom-coms. It follows the classic rom-com plot of two people from different worlds meeting and ending up together against all odds. If you’re looking for a movie with a complex plot and loads of twists and turns, Plan B isn’t that movie. Overall, Plan B is a good watch, save for the few times the acting almost let it down.

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The movie, PLAN B, is a digital/TV Film written and directed, as with most of her previous projects, by LowlaDee herself. The movie is produced by Sarah Hassan in partnership with Kenyan Production Company, Alfajiri Productions. PLAN B was shot primarily in Nairobi, Kenya and stars Sarah Hassan, Catherine Kamau Karanja, Daniel Etim Effiong, Lenana Kariba, Justin Mirichii, Zahraa Khassam, Chantelle Naisola, and Mary Gacheri. Ugandan comedienne, Anna Kansime also makes a cameo appearance at the end of the movie; an appearance the movie would have been better off without.

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Plan B was released on LowlaDee’s Youtube channel as a Valentine’s special on the 14th of February 2019. Like A Place Called Happy, Plan B has a one-hour runtime.

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