New Web Series Alert: “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

Web Series Alert: Our Best Friend's Wedding

I just found out a new web series, Our Best Friend’s Wedding, will be premiering on the 26th of January.

24th January 2017

Like I always do whenever I happen to be home alone, I left the radio on before going to bed at around 4.00am in the morning, tuned to 96.9 Cool FM, which has for a long time being my favorite Lagos radio station, but I digress.

Shortly after waking up later that morning, while I was still trying to hold on to the sleep that was slowly departing my eyes, I overheard the words “a new web series” on the radio, which I wasn’t paying much attention to up to that point, and within seconds of hearing that, I was up and seated on the ground beside the radio. See, the thing with me is that I like my entertainment controlled to a certain extent by me, which is why I am a huge fan of web series. I am that type of person who loves to watch content that they love over again whenever they feel like. So when I hear of content being made available on streaming media, (both on subscription and free platforms, but most especially free, lol!) I get really excited.

Still sleepy-eyed and eager, I would have to be seated patiently, and listen for a couple more minutes with the kind of attention I would not have given any of my lecturers during my undergraduate days before I would catch important details about the series, as the interview with the cast of the web series being promoted was already coming to a close before I joined in listening. Luckily for me, I would get the information I was looking for; I found out the web series is produced by RedTV and I also found out the title to be “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”.

I immediately grabbed my phone, ran off to the kitchen – not because of food, lol! I have discovered the kitchen as the place where Glo 3G network is the strongest around the house – and surfed my way to REDTV’s YouTube channel in search of the trailer to the series.

Well, now I have seen the trailer and it was good. While I can’t really say that from what I saw, this will be the best thing to happen to Nigeria since the discovery of fried plantain, I do have a strong feeling that this would be worth watching and I am already looking forward to the 26th of January 2017 so I can catch the premiere of the series as e dey hot! And hopefully, find a good reason to keep coming back to RedTv’s YouTube page every Thursday for the entire run of the show.

You can catch the trailer to “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” here.


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