Nollywood Theatrical Releases I Didn’t See In 2016 And Why.


Nollywood Theatrical Releases I Didn’t See In 2016 And Why.

While I would not credit myself to be the ideal Nollywood moviegoer – far from it, I do try my possible best to see as many movies as I can in the cinemas. Last year, however, for various reasons, I failed to see a lot of movies I would have expected myself to see.

Below are some of those movies I missed out on seeing, and the reasons why.

  1. 93 DAYS

And I still beat myself up for not seeing this one, allowing countless opportunities to do so go to waste. One way or the other, I ended up not seeing what has been touted by many as one of the best Nollywood movies of 2016.  The fact that it starred my reigning Nollywood crush – Somkele Idhalama – should have been enough motivation but, sometimes Tolu…



Off the back of their successful and multiple awards winning romantic comedy The Meeting, the sophomore project from The Audrey Silva Company would have a lot of people, I inclusive, eager for its release. So why is a movie I claim I was eager to see on a list of movies I didn’t see? Well, let’s just leave it at this; having to complete your service year in Zaria should not be the dream of a movie Stan. By the time I made it back to Lagos, Surulere was already out of the cinemas.



    I was elated when word came out of Judith Audu’s debut feature length movie being released. Then came the release of Just Not Married. The media buzz was loud. The reviews, for a year when Nollywood movie reviewers were not smiling, were good, and the audience reception, a filmmakers dream. But still, Tolu didn’t see the movie for reasons he would love you to believe are best known to him.



    Is it just me, or do we all have those movies our mind warns us against seeing? Three Wise Men was one of such movies for me. The Zack Orji, RMD, and Victor Olaotan combo sure were enticing, but…my mind would not allow me.



A long time before the Okafor’s law saga, and way before the “go and make your own movie” palava. Omoni Oboli released a movie that sold out multiplexes in and out of Lagos, but Tolu was not in any of those. Why so? As at the time of writing this post, I really can’t place a finger on what it was exactly that made me not see Wives on Strike.



Reading about the movie online, I found Brother Jekwu was a character-driven comedy – which I’m not a fan of, at least not at the cinemas. A promotional video released by the producer of the movie on Instagram would further strengthen my resolve not to see the movie. Then along came the post on, explaining how the movie had been kicked out of some cinemas for underperforming.



The producer, Bovi, had my attention from the word go. Not because I was sold after seeing the trailer, and definitely not because I felt the movie had the potential to be the biggest thing to happen to Nigeria after fried plantain. Ini Dima-Okojie – my most recent Nollywood crush – was the reason I wanted to see this one. But then I found myself on, and after going through the movie’s review, I had to put reason over emotion. What I am trying to say is, for this one you can put the blame on…



Why didn’t I see A Trip to Jamaica? Well, like I said earlier, I am not a fan of character-driven comedies, at least not when I’m paying a thousand and five hundred naira at a cinema. I wouldn’t mind watching if it is showing on the television or from a DVD, but sitting through one in a cinema doest just sit well with me. Plus, the reviews at TNS still didn’t help matters at all…lol.



I didn’t see Oloibiri, why? I had mixed feeling about this movie, and then the reviews came along and they left me even more conflicted.



Was a grudge – see what I did there – the reason I did not see this Funmi Holder’s produced flick? Absolutely not! The movie had everything working for it from the very start. Starring the duo of RMD and Ireti Doyle that have become known for creating magic, and throwing an Odunade Adekola in the mix, I would have expected myself to see this. Maybe a better trailer would have made me see this one; I just was not sold after seeing the trailer.


And sadly, not one of all the movies listed above is available on IrokoTv presently. Hopefully, I get to see more movies this year, and if not, prepare your minds for a longer list come next year.


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