My Predictions For MTV Shuga Season 6

Predictions For MTV Shuga Season 6

It shouldn’t be news that the first episode of MTV Shuga season 6 premiered online on the 6th of March, 2018. Like I did with the first episode of MTV Shuga Down South, I’ll, based on events that transpired in the first episode, be making some predictions about what the remainder of the season will probably look like. With Shuga Down South, my predictions, save for one, were correct. With Shuga season 6, will I be two times lucky? Let’s see.

  1. Diana Will End Up Regretting Her Choices.

One of the new characters introduced in episode one of Shuga season 6 is a character called Diana. Diana is a secondary school student who favors relationships with made adult men over boys her age. We are also introduced to Diana’s present guy, Chike. With the little I’ve seen of Chike, my gut tells me he will eventually abuse and molest Diana. Why do I think so? Well, these relationships hardly ever end well, at least not in movies, they don’t. Also, further buttressing my point, this Diana- Chike situation brings to mind the Mary-Nil and Princess-Solomon cases from previous seasons.

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  1. Tobi’s Success Will Be The Death Of Him.

Shuga season 6 introduces us to a Tobi who is now a successful app developer with interest in the music industry. And, from episode one, we’ve seen Tobi use this position of influence to take advantage of Faa, an aspiring choreographer. This brings me to my second prediction. I believe this will not be the last of it we will see or hear of. Tobi will repeatedly take advantage of Faa all in the name of wanting to help her advance her career. But, at the end of the day, he wouldn’t make true on his promises, leaving Faa either demoralized or enraged. Whatever the case, one thing I’m sure of is, there will be consequences, catastrophic ones.

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  1. Princess Will Succumb To Pressure.

As for princess, we saw here receive a heartbreaking SMS from Sophie in episode one. The message stated in clear terms that she should get a job and no longer expect handouts from her sister. With no defined source of income, and seeing Princess has her baby and ARVs to worry about, I’m guessing Princess will end up making a drastic decision. To be more precise, I fear she might see the baby as extra luggage and let go of him. Except for the case of a divine intervention, things aren’t really looking good for Princess with that SMS.

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  1. Corper Yasmin Will Find It Hard To Conceive.

Another one of the new faces in Shuga season 6, Rahama Sadau stars as Corper Yasmin. She’s a married Youth Corp member who put having children on hold for the sake of her studies. Towards the end of the episode, we see Yasmin tell her husband she thinks she’s ready for a baby. As expected, her husband receives the news with excitement. My fourth guess is this, the couple will suffer setbacks while trying to make a baby. The shared excitement from episode one will soon become a luxury when they start trying for children.

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