Samsung S8 Fake Vs Original: How To Identify Fake Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung S8 fake vs original

So, recently, an acquaintance who wanted to purchase a Samsung S8 came to me for advice. Probably assuming me to be a geek, this person asked that I help protect against them purchasing a cloned phone. Being fully aware that the Samsung market – actually, the phone market generally – is saturated with clones, I instinctively turned to the internet to search Samsung S8 fake vs original.

Though my search was focused specifically on identifying Samsung S8 fake vs original, I ended up with quite a major discovery. At least, to me it was major. The discovery I ended up with was that the tips for identifying most Samsung galaxy devices cut across. This means you don’t necessarily need model specific research when it comes to Samsung galaxy devices. So, while my goal was to discover how to spot Samsung S8 fake vs original, I ended up with knowledge on how to recognize original Samsung galaxy apart from their clones.

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So here are a few tips to tell an original Samsung galaxy device apart from its clone.


Original Samsung devices will give you corresponding information about the software and hardware of your phone if you dial these codes.

Samsung General Test Mode – *#0*#

Service Mode – *#197328640#

IMEI Number -*#06#

ADC Reading – *#0228#

If you dial any of codes and don’t get requested information in return, the phone is certainly a clone.

P.S. These code tests are possibly the most failproof means of spotting cloned Samsung devices.


The screens of original Samsung devices are made with glass materials, most clones compromise and utilize plastic materials instead. So, as a yardstick, the screen of the Samsung gadget you’re about to buy shouldn’t feel more plasticky than glassy. If you find that to be the case, you can be certain you have yourself a clone.

The displays on the screens of original Samsung devices are characteristically bright and vibrant. If the display of the phone you’re holding appears dull, even with brightness increased, you most likely have a fake.

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The batteries of original Samsung phones come with a unique serial number inscribed on them. If the battery of the phone you are about to buy doesn’t have one, take that as a red flag.

The “+” and “-“ terminals of original Samsung devices are clearly marked. On the contrary, most Samsung clones do not care so much to label their battery terminals.

Original Samsung batteries carry the bold SAMSUNG inscription, same as the ones above their screens. If you find yourself with a device whose battery doesn’t carry this inscription, do well not to purchase it.

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Every Samsung device comes with the SAMSUNG logo visibly crested above its screen.  These crests, per producer’s standard, are meant to flush with the surface of the screen. So, if you run your finger over the crest of a Samsung device, it’s expected that you shouldn’t feel a bulge. Hence, if you happen to feel a slight bulge, you should take that as a warning sign.

Check the size of the material that covers the edge of the screen to the edge of the phone. With original Samsung devices, the covering is typically slim. So, if you notice something different on a ‘Samsung’ device, the device is most likely a clone.

P.S. Due to differences in design, these might differ slightly with devices.

With these tips, you should be able to tell original Samsung galaxy phones apart from their clones. Stay guided and avoid making the painful mistake splashing money on a clone Samsung Galaxy device.

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