Hey! you reading this, do you have a piece of writing you would like to have featured on our platform? Good news! We are open – willing and ready – to receiving such awesome submissions from your uber-talented self. Please, do not, for any reason, hesitate to contact us. We eagerly look forward to getting contacted by you.

For yours, and our own sakes too, here are the guidelines you need to adhere to as you prepare your submissions. Please make sure to, as religiously as possible, put them into consideration, they are actually nothing too demanding.

1. Send submissions via email to

2. We accept submissions for the following categories – creative fiction – short stories and fiction series, reviews, literary commentaries, pop-culture pieces, interesting listicles, political analysis, articles, and essays.

3. Kindly indicate in your submission message if the piece you are submitting has been accepted/published on another platform. The decision to published posts that have appeared on other platform lies with us.

4. Submissions should be sent as an attachment in the Microsoft word document format.

5. Articles should be a minimum of 300 words in length.

6. Ensure to include your full name in the body of the mail. You can only be anonymous if your reason(s) is/are convincing enough.

7. Also, your submissions should contain a brief bio. The tone of the bio is strictly up to you.

8. You should also attach an image of yourself in the JPEG format.

9. Include your handle(s) for social media platform(s) that you are active on

10. You retain the copyright to your work.

The guidelines exist to ensure that your submission process can be sped up. We don’t want the submission process to become one of drab and unnecessary back and forths. We realize that, in your hands, such time can be put to better and creatively productive use – which, in reality, is what we want – like working on your next awesome piece.