Tomi Adesina To Debut New Fiction Series “Meet Me Here.”

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Tomi Adesina is back! Now, let me hear you scream glory! Louder! And a thousand times louder!…Thank you. Now you can have your seat.

Following a long hiatus, one of Nigeria’s finest fiction bloggers, and recent recipient of the OYA (Outstanding Young Achievers) ‘Best Writer’ award, Tomi Adesina, is set to debut a new fiction series on her blog ( tomorrow. I am so certain loyal readers of her blog have been waiting for this announcement since forever.

I cannot begin to tell you how super excited I am about this upcoming series from the Queen herself, an excitement that needs not be explained if you are familiar with any of Tomi Adesina’s works. She always does a good job. Believe me, when I say, this lady is a goddess with the pen. An impressive bibliography of previously released and positively received fiction series to her credit serves as sufficient proof of this.

Titled Meet Me Here, the new series will kick off at noon today, Friday, 7th April 2017. I am appealing to you reading this right now; endeavor to make it a date with Tomi’s blog tomorrow. New episodes will the published on subsequent Fridays until the series’ finale, so you can always check back. Using her previous works as my yardstick, I can say that the best is all I can, and you also should, expect from Meet Me There – you know what they say about fine wine.

Tomi is a multiple award winning fiction blogger, also a freelance screenwriter and script consultant. If you have not heard of Tomi Adesina before now, let alone read any of her works, do not hesitate to start right here and now. And while you are at it, you can feel free to forget about thanking me later.


All Fun And Games. Click here to download the ebook.

Beautiful Stranger. Click here to download the ebook.

Broken… Or Not?


Dear Future Husband. Click here to download the ebook.

Fola King. Click here to download the ebook.

Please Break My Heart

Two Weeks To Go


Heart And Homes. Click here to download.

You can also get her latest project “Clueless” off of the OkadaBooks App for just a token.

Tomi Adesina. Purchase Clueless

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