Top Nollywood Movie Reviewers On YouTube You Should Know [Watch]

Top Nollywood Movie Reviewers On YouTube You Should Know [Watch]

The Nigerian film industry, popularly referred to as Nollywood – a derivative of the American “Hollywood” moniker – has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. The achievements of the industry have been so evident and have, consequently, attracted a lot of interest to it.

It’s important to mention that these advancements have also caused a change in audience behavior and general film culture. Unlike before, the standard for filmmakers in Nollywood was not really set high. Incompetencies and faults with overall production standards and attention to technical details used to be forgivable by the audience.

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Nowadays, the Nollywood movie audience holds indigenous filmmakers to a higher standard of filmmaking than it ever before now. Today, the average Nigerian moviegoer wants to see attention paid to technical aspects of filmmaking, proper storytelling techniques employed, topnotch directing, casting and acting performances, quality production standards etc. For this reason, audience members, a lot of who are, by default, distrustful of Nigerian movies, are not always quick to go watch these movies.

This desire for quality and need for assurance on the side of moviegoers has created an opening for movie reviewers. Like early adopters and first users of products, these movie reviewers make the sacrifice of going to see new movie releases – both the good and bad. They, in turn, share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions about these films with the public after seeing them. Intending moviegoers, based on these reviews, then decide what movies they will or won’t be going to see.

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These Nollywood movie reviewers occupy a very influential position and play a very key role in the Nigerian movie industry. Their activities, directly or indirectly, push filmmakers to pull their weight and handle their business with excellence in their minds. Asides from that, Nollywood movie reviewers also educate the film audience about movie appreciation. They also inform the audience on best practices to expect from filmmakers. The video below highlights 4 Nollywood movie reviewers you should know.

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