10 Binge Worthy Nigerian Web Series And Short Films

10 Binge Worthy Nigerian Web Series And Short Films Of 2017

Web entertainment has, over time, grown to become an active part of our entertainment culture. An alien culture at first, such cannot be said about this form of entertainment any longer. Web series’ and shorts, in particular, have become loved and voraciously consumed, rivaling the more “traditional” forms of entertainment. In the light of this, these, in my opinion, are some of 2017’s best Nigerian web series and short films.

This Is It [Season 2]
The second and final season of the show picks up 6 months into the life of the Mwendas as couples. The young couple, Tomide and Dede, continue on this journey called marriage with little to no knowledge. They make mistakes, bicker, are faced with challenges they are totally unprepared for, and see their resolve get tested repeatedly.

Skinny Girl In Transit [Season Four]
On the fourth installment of the widely accepted NdaniTv chick flick, the drama in plus-sized beauty, Tiwalade’s life continues. She, once again, deals with pressure from multiple sides, learning to love herself, and, also, finding, and keeping love.

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Inspector K [Season One]
Inspector K is a detective comedy that centers on the title character, Inspector K. Famous for unraveling even the most complicated cases, he is, once again, called upon to solve a mysterious murder case. The series chronicles the Inspector’s weird and unconventional approach to investigation.

Everything In Between [Season One]
Everything in Between is an LGBT themed series created by Ashionye Michelle Raccah, and executive produced by The Initiative For Equal Rights. The series follows the lives of multiple characters in an intriguing tale of intolerance, deceit, blackmail and secret lives.

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Lagos Big Boy [Season One]
Jide’s friends accidentally discover his hidden talent as a singer. Doing what they deem appropriate, they encourage him to chase a career along that path. With the support of his band of misfit friends, Jide starts making major moves towards entering the music industry. It’s only when they are neck deep in the chase that they realize success isn’t promised to come with ease.

Our Best Friend’s Wedding [Season One]
Our Best Friend’s Wedding tells the story of Charles, who, based on an unconfirmed discovery, hurriedly decides to settle down. To see his decision through, Charles employs the services of his close friends to help find “the one.” But, as expected, finding the one didn’t end up straightforward and as drama free as they had hoped.

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Bariga Sugar [Short Film]
Bariga sugar tells the story of Ese, daughter of one of Bariga Sugar’s – a fictional rundown Bariga brothel – working women. Her life takes a turn when she forms a bond with Jamil, son to one of the brothel’s new women.

No Good Turn [Short Film]
No Good Turn is a short film that tackles the issue of insurgency as it has plagued the country. It tells the story of a Dr. Gbenga Jakande whose resolve to uphold the tenets of his profession is put to the test after tragedy strikes too close to home.

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Hell Or High Water [Short Film]
Hell or High Water is a short film produced by LGBT rights advocacy group, TIERS Nigeria. It tells the story of a queer pastor, pastor Gbolahan, who, for the nature of his office, is forced to live a double life. Things seem to be fine, at least, on the outside, until he crawls back to a relationship from his past.

Closed [Short Film]
Closed is a moving short film shot by Tolulope Ajayi for this year’s Etisalat Prize for Literature award ceremony. Employing zero dialogue, the movie tells the story of an illiterate, Juwon, who seeks to find meaning his literacy status has robbed him of in life.

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What were your favorite Nigerian web series and short films of the year 2017? Do share in the comments section.

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  • April 13, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    I’m sorry but Lagos big boy has no business being in this list. Binge ko😒

    • April 13, 2018 at 4:02 pm

      Hi there, Cynthia, thanks for stopping by. As regards your comment, I want you to know you’re not the first person to have mentioned this to me ever since I published this list. I guess that makes the point unarguably valid. I had reservations too when I included it in the list, but there was no show from 2017 to replace it with, so I just allowed it fly. I guess I should have done otherwise.
      Thanks, once again.


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