[WATCH] 10 Nigerian Makeup And Beauty YouTubers You Should Know

10 Nigerian Makeup And Beauty YouTubers You Should Know

Before we discuss Nigerian makeup and beauty YouTubers, let’s first briefly talk about their industry. The Nigerian makeup and beauty industry has, over the years, grown from obscurity into a profitable and self-sustaining industry. Before now, the makeup industry was one that wasn’t really being paid much attention. But, in present times, the reverse has become the case. The Nigerian makeup and beauty industry is now known to support quite a number of successful businesses and careers. Also, the industry has risen to become a significant provider of employment, allowing for both part-time and full-time engagement.

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In recent times, one of the ways the industry has continued and continues to stay relevant is through information sharing. Maximizing the power of advancements in the technological space like the popular free video sharing platform, YouTube, the industry, through the concerted efforts of makeup and beauty vloggers – online video content creators on beauty topics – has enjoyed a wider reach to the spread its influence.

Of course, the intent and motivation for these makeup and beauty vloggers vary from person to person. For some of these vloggers, the aim is to support their already growing businesses. For some others, awareness and brand recognition are the end goal. And for a few others, their motivation is nothing other than to have fun.

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The category each falls in notwithstanding, the efforts of these vloggers have been generally wildly successful. Sharing beauty tips, hacks, product tests and reviews and how-to tutorials in their videos, these Nigerian makeup and beauty YouTubers have, in the process, amassed a strong and loyal followership of people who have, to a large extent, entrusted their beauty education in their care.

The listicles below highlights some of the popular and respected Nigerian makeup and beauty YouTubers. Ranging from regular beauty hobbyists to enthusiasts, professionals and beauty connoisseurs, here are some of the Nigerian (at home and in diaspora) makeup and beauty YouTubers you should know.

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Watch 10 Nigerian Makeup And Beauty YouTubers You Should Know

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