3 Crazy Ideas For Skinny Girl In Transit 5

3 Crazy Ideas For Skinny Girl In Transit 5

As at the time of writing this, there’s been no confirmation of a Skinny Girl In Transit 5 from NdaniTv. However, in a previous blog post, I talked about NdaniTv teasing a new season of the show. Judging from the post’s performance, I believe it’s safe to say people really want Skinny Girl In Transit 5.

This perceived high expectation got me thinking on possible plot lines that wouldn’t leave the audience disappointed. What I ended up with was three crazy – read unlikely-to-happen – possible plot ideas for the probable new season of the show. And in this blog post, I’ll be sharing those ideas with you. So, to bring more spice to Skinny Girl In Transit 5, how about we…


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How about that for a starter?! Yes, we’ve seen this relationship pushed to its limits severally. But then, through it all, Mide and Tiwa have always found a way to survive the many storms they’ve encountered. Of course, it would be gut wrenching to see Mide and Tiwa’s love story come to an end. But, the truth, notwithstanding, is that’s something I’d really love to see happen sometime soon, possibly SGIT 5. And, as unpopular as I know this idea inherently is, I would love so much to see it happen.

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Imagine Skinny Girl In Transit 5 kicking off with Shalewa’s wedding?! That would, no doubt, be a major win for Mama Tiwa and Shalewa herself. For Tiwa, however, this would mean a reversal of fortune. We all know it’s Shalewa who gets the short end of the stick from Mama Tiwaas regards her wards relationship palava. However, a married Shalewa would mean Tiwa would be the one left to feel all that heat Mama Tiwa packs. That, I believe, would be a very refreshing sight. Imagine for a moment, Mama Tiwa, Tiwa, and Shalewa together on a table talking relationships. Imagine how big the smirk on Shalewa’s face will be when Mama Tiwa begins to launch an assault on Tiwa. That’s something I would really love to see play out on screen.

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Isn’t it just crazy how we’ve never seen Tiwa and Didi lock horns for the entire run of SGIT?! Trust me, that’s something I, definitely, would love to see on the new season of the show, if there’ll be one. And, more than see them get in a serious fight, I’d love to see them become sworn enemies. I’m positing that they make Didi into the new Hadiza. Admit it, following Hadiza’s departure, the workplace drama in the show went down a notch. I’m of the opinion that making Didi into the new Hadiza will bring drama back to the office. So, yes to Didi and Tiwa becoming sworn enemies.

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