3 Personal Finance Blogs I Have Found Helpful

3 Personal Finance Blogs I Have Found Helpful

As a freelancer, my flow of income can sometimes be frustratingly erratic and unpredictable. There are those good times when I’m consistently getting bombarded with credit alerts. On the flipside, there are the not-so-good-times when jobs dry up and the consistency of the credit alerts plummet. I want to believe freelancers reading this can relate as this is a challenge peculiar to the freelance world. While this unpredictability might seem like a disadvantage, truth is, it actually isn’t. I have discovered that it is futile to obsess over the challenge. Instead, I have made the conscious decision of focusing my energy on the solution, properly managing my personal finance.

Balancing my personal finance is something I’ve been actively working towards this year. One of the discoveries I’ve made on this quest to financial freedom is how sound financial advice is non-negotiable for success. Enlightening my financial mind is only right if I really aim to master how to manage my finances successfully. As a result, I no longer take financial advice with levity. I have been deliberate about the sort of information I feed my mind in the area of personal finance. This has also resulted in me actively expanding on my financial knowledge and absorbing financially healthy habits and practices. Speaking of financial advice, I’ll in this post be sharing three personal finance blogs with great advice that I frequent.

Enough talk, let’s now jump right into the meat of this post.

Money Matters With Nimi Akinkugbe

Nimi Akinkugbe’s blog is the only blog with a Nigerian Curator on this list. Of the three blogs listed in this post, I have known it for the longest. I should also mention that, of the three, I have a preference for this blog. I find the articles on personal finance hosted on this blog very apt, relatable and easily applicable to real-life situations. They cover areas like saving, budgeting, investing and a whole lot more. The blog even touches on financial education for kids. That’s a privilege I wish I had growing up. Nimi Akinkugbe’s, the blog’s founder and editor, hunger for spreading financial knowledge birthed the book, A-Z Of Personal Finance.

Visit Money Matters With Nimi

The Financial Diet

I first stumbled on The Financial Diet brand on Youtube while I was searching for tips on how to budget. Personally, I choose to believe it was fate and not in any way an accident that this happened. I was instantaneously blown away by how much insightful information was available on the channel. A lot of practical personal finance tips are available on this platform. The geographical difference might make for difficulty in applying some of the tips you’ll find on the TFD platform. But, I can promise you, the absorbable advice ratio is higher than that for advice you can’t directly apply.

Visit The Financial Diet

The Frugal Toad

As the ‘Frugal” part of the blog title already gives off, this blog’s primal aim is to propagate financial prudence. And, boy, the blog does an excellent job. However, just like it is with The Financial Diet, some information you’ll find on the frugal toad platform might not be directly applicable on this side of the globe. That notwithstanding, The Frugal Toad is a reputable platform with regards to advice and tips specific to personal finance. TFT offers tons of practical measures to properly manage one’s finances.

Visit The Frugal Toad

P.S – These are great blogs, but definitely not the only great ones out there. They just happen to be the ones I have discovered, found helpful, and become endeared to. Which personal finance platform(s) have you found really helpful? Feel free to share below.

P.S.S – While compiling this list, I stumbled on these blogs, ‘Personal Finance With Baba T’ and ‘My Naira Journey.’ I skimmed through both sites and was quite impressed with what I saw. I would have included them in the main body of the post, but I wasn’t willing to delay publishing this post so I could explore both sites in details. Honestly, they both seem like great blogs, but I wouldn’t want to recommend something I have only hurriedly assessed.

If you wouldn’t mind doing the heavy lifting for yourself, you can check out Personal Finance With Baba T and My Naira Journey. Please, don’t forget to share your assessment of both sites and also the ones in the body of the post. Thanks.

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      Thanks for this recommendation, Damola. I sure would check the site out.

  • September 26, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Hell Damo,

    Thanks for this great INFO.

    I just went through Nimi’s blog and she does justice to her articles

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