5 Honest Pieces Of Life Advice For My Younger Self

5 Honest Pieces Of Life Advice For My Younger Self.

Sometimes, I reminisce over some of the decisions I made in the past. As expected, there are memories that bring smiles to my face and cause me to be proud of myself. Also, there are those memories that cause me to cringe in shame. I remember some things and I can’t help but get mad at my younger self. Believe me when I say I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff in my relatively short time on this earth. Sometimes, I wish present me could go back and slap some sense into the head of my younger self. I’m talking those brain resetting type backhanders our mothers handed out back in the days. But, I have learnt enough to know that brute force isn’t always the best way to go about handling situations.

So, if my present self could actually go back in time, he sure wouldn’t be slapping sense into anyone. Definitely not my younger self. He would, instead, from his wealth of experiential knowledge, be offering free advice to my younger self. Hoping that, for the greater good, he listens. So, let’s pretend that my present self actually found his way around the space and time continuum. His advice to my younger self would probably sound something like this – without the bullet points, of course.

  1. Be Frugal and Invest.

Younger self, I know you love keeping up with trends in the world of fashion and tech. That’s cool. Your love for these things easily gets you spending money. That in itself is not an entirely bad thing. The bad thing is how your love for these things make you spend.  They make you spend money you don’t yet have like you do have it. Truth is, the gratification derived from these ‘things’ are fleeting. I’m not telling you to be miserly or to be out of touch with your world, no. All I’m saying is, you should learn to spend only on the things that matter and are of long lasting value.

Investing is a smart and financially rewarding habit, you should do well to practice it. The money you would spend to acquire these fancy material things can be put to better use. Be smart.

  1. Focus and Start Early.

I know your interests cut across a wide range of areas. That is okay. However, you must be careful not fall into the trap of holding on to all your interests for too long. For your own good, you will eventually have to let go of some of these interests. There is no need being sentimental about this. You can’t effectively pursue it all, emphasis on effectively. Failure to let go would be problematic. I would advice that you focus on one particular interest at a time and hone your skills at it. Don’t just try to do it all at the same time. That’s recipe for failure.

Whatever you eventually decide on, please, don’t waste time waiting for a “perfect time” to set out. Set out immediately you make up your mind. One step at a time, consistently take appropriate actions that significantly takes you towards your desired destination. The beginning might, unlike you pictured it, be rough and unpleasant. Distractions might come tugging desperately at your heart. You have to learn to be focused in the face of such challenges as these. Focus is your only chance at weathering these storms and not getting carried away by them.

  1. Don’t Compromise, Invest In Your Passion.

Don’t hold back when it comes to investing in your passion. Trust me, when things begin to fall in place, you’d wish you started investing in your passion earlier. The moment you have discovered your passion, whatever it is, invest in it. Invest financially, mentally, emotionally, educationally. Take it upon yourself to make small but consistent investments. You would be amazed at the compound effect of this little but consistent investments. And, no! You are not too. Start investing in your passion now.

  1. Be Deliberate About Relationships.

This is not me assessing you as the worst with handling relationships. I just need you to know that you can make smarter choices as regards the relationships in your life. Access the relationship in your life right now; which ones do you need to pay more attention to? Which ones do not deserve your time and energy? Access and act accordingly. Give to every relationship what it deserves.

Also, I would love for you to know that exiting relationships don’t always have to be about hurt and bitterness. There are mature ways of bringing relationships to an end that doesn’t involve any of those.

  1. The Fear Of Failure Is The Dumbest Excuse Ever.

And I do not ever want to hear that excuse coming out of your mouth, ever! Heard me? I know it is human to feel fear. But, in the same way, it is also human to rise above our fears. Listen, don’t allow the fear of failure cripple you into inactivity. If anything, your fears should spur you into action. And, trust me, it isn’t every time your fears would manifest in an evidently bad light. Sometimes, they will show up as legit reasons to quit, to throw in the towel. Watch out especially for those ones. The agony of regret is worse than the crippling fear of failure, it is devastating. I don’t want that for you, for us.

Honestly, I would prefer that you make mistakes as a result of your decision against inaction. You have my word, I can live with that. However, having big question marks left hanging over your head for the rest of your life? And, knowing it’s all because you were too scared of failure that you refused to take action. I doubt if I can live with that.

[BONUS] Be And Love Yourself.

Don’t put yourself under undue pressure to be someone else or achieve like someone else. You were created unique and your Creator intended for you to excel and achieve uniquely. Don’t be pressured into living in another man’s shadow. Be yourself. Don’t stop at being yourself, lavish yourself with love. Don’t be deceived, self-love is not vain. I can’t say this enough.

Dear younger self, I wish I had more time. But, the portal is closing. And for the good of both of us, I need to make it back to the future. You don’t want me stuck here with you in the past – your present. Think on these things I have shared with you.

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