5 Nigerian Web Series That Are Due For A New Season

5 Nigerian Web Series That Are Due For A New Season

I recently introduced my sister to one of the shows on this list of Nigerian web series, name withheld. Upon successfully binging the 2 completed seasons of the show, she’s been on my neck, checking back every other minute, for the next season of the show.

This hunger for a new season of the said show made me begin to wonder myself, ‘What are those popular Nigerian web series fans would really love to see return for a new season as soon as possible?’ Let’s dive right into my answers to this question.


Number Of Completed Seasons: 2 [Season 1] [Season 2]

Last Episode Aired: Sep 29, 2014

This one is a certified fan favourite and, also, a personal favourite for me. If this list had to be made up of just one show, it would have to be Gidi Up. Interestingly, a third season of Gidi Up was actually produced. The season was billed by the producers of the shows as BIGGER & BADDER on all levels. However, thanks to a freak fire accident and NDaniTv’s HQ, the third season of Gidi Up didn’t see the light of day.

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Number Of Completed Seasons: 1 [Season 1]

Last Episode Aired: Apr 6, 2017

While it ran, Our Best Friend’s Wedding didn’t quite enjoy the widespread warmth and support of the web content consuming audience. Some criticised it as a publicity stunt for OAPs, others criticized the acting, story and all whatnot. However, even if the criticism holds water, one thing OBFW got right, at least for me, was how the season was wrapped. Since the first season of the show completed its run, little has been said about a second season of OBFW. And, as much as I doubt there’ll ever be a sophomore season, it would certainly be nice to see the conclusion of the Charles and Jade story.

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Number Of Completed Seasons: 2 [Season 1] [Season 2]

Last Episode Aired: Nov 23, 2016

Of all the shows on this list, This Is It is the only one with official confirmation of a wrap. The producers of the show, before the second season began its run, did well to announce that the sophomore season was going to be the final season of the series. Even though the second season did not pack as much punch as the first, This Is It will always be fondly remembered. And, maybe someday, the producer(s) of the show has a change of mind and decide to give us a third season. 

4. 5IVE

Number Of Completed Seasons: 1 [Season 1]

Last Episode Aired: Jan 26, 2017

This one, if I’m being honest, might be more of a personal preference that an objective choice. The acting of one of the leads – which you’ll have to find out yourself – did more harm than good for the show. Asides that, the production quality on 5ive and the attention to story and writing is one of the reasons why 5ive made this list.  

P.S. The late Tosyn Bucknor was a writer on this series.


Number Of Completed Seasons: 2 [Season 1] [Season 2]

Last Episode Aired: Jun 13, 2018

While there have been a number of comical web series, it’s hard to pick one that did it as well as Inspector K. Marked by witty dialogue, humour and some satire, the series followed an impressive 5 episode long debut season with an even more impressive 13 episode second season. And, I want to be sure I’m not the only fan yearning for one more ride with the eccentric character of Inspector K.

What Nigerian web series do you believe should be on this list? Don’t hesitate to share.

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