5 Qualities I Find Attractive In The Opposite Sex

5 Qualities I Find Attractive In The Opposite Sex

To be completely honest, my single years have so far been, and they continue to be a bittersweet experience. There have been times when I wanted nothing more than for it to last as long as possible. Times when I can’t seem to have enough of its numerous perks. And, on the flipside, there have also been times when my wish was that it comes to an immediate end. Times, when I wish putting an end to the singleness could be as easy as flipping a switch off.

But then, we all know leaving the single life behind is not that easy. There is a lot of ‘deciding’ that is required to precede that change in relationship status. All these boxes that need to be checked before moving on from the single life.

Attraction to the potential partner is one of those major considerations. For a relationship to commence, both parties are expected to be attracted to each other in at least one way. There are no hard-and-fast rules as regards attraction. To each, the attributes he/she considers attractive. With all that said, I personally, in the opposite sex, am attracted to;

Someone Who Would Laugh At My Terrible Jokes

…and sell it. Make it look darn believable and as convincing as it possibly can be while at it. Why? Because I’m extremely terrible in the humor department. But that has not for once stopped me, and I don’t think it ever will stop me from trying to bring some humor to the table. Finding someone of the opposite sex who consistently appreciates my terrible humor is something I find attractive. You have to admit it takes effort to come up with even these terrible jokes. A little appreciation of work put in goes a mighty long way with me.

Someone Who Is Fun Loving, Adventurous, Vivacious

I am a naturally boring person. To gainsay this would be, for me, the height of self-deception. My ideal definition of fun is watching a movie on my laptop or spending time catching up on social media. Going outdoor to seek fun is not really my thing. The only time I’m actually outside having fun is when I’m coerced into doing it. Having someone of the opposite sex complement me in that department is something I hardly consider attractive. I’d much prefer someone that can occasionally pull me out of my cocoon. Someone who can convince me to make compromises.

Someone Who Is Intelligent

… and not in a cocky kind of way.  In fact, as much as I love and appreciate intelligence, seeing people get puffed up by it irks me. I do not, at all, find that excessive and unnecessary display of confidence appealing.  I just am attracted to plain and untainted intelligence. And, this is not because I’m the most intelligent person you’ll ever meet. I just love meeting people who I can consider more knowledgeable and smarter than myself. I especially find intelligence attractive in the opposite sex. I relish exchanges with such people.

Someone Who Is Sensitive

I generally love and gravitate more towards people who are sensitive. People who are good at observing the subtle signs and act accordingly. I particularly appreciate that keen sense of awareness. Of the myriad of things I can put up with, insensitivity is not one.  It just puts me off. Reason being, I do consider myself a teeny tiny bit of a recluse… Alright, maybe I am a little too much of an introvert. And as such, it’s not every time you’ll find me voicing my reservations, frustrations, opinions etc. Most times I just prefer to keep things on the inside. Finding someone of the opposite sex sensitive enough to decipher these things is something I find attractive.

Someone Who Doesn’t Shy Away From Calling Me Out On My ‘BS.’

To a certain extent, I pride myself on how careful I am with my human interactions. But, then again, I’m only human and I can only do as humanly possible. At the end of the day, I know I’m prone to making mistakes. Now, whenever I end up getting out of line, I appreciate people who don’t hesitate to call me back to order, in love. Such friendly interventions, I have found, are way more effective when someone of the opposite sex is dishing it out.

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