5 Reasons You Should Own A Personal Blog.

5 Reasons You Should Own A Personal Blog.

With running a blog, the motivations might differ, but the benefits are, in most cases, very similar. If you will, go query a random selection of bloggers on what they have benefitted from blogging. I can assure you their responses, on the basic level, will sound alike. So, what benefits are there to running your own blog? Listed below, based on my experience, are a couple of reasons you should own a personal blog.

It Affords You A Listening Audience.

One of the reasons you should own a personal blog is that it affords you a listening audience. Isn’t that just great! Having humans that connect with your written ideas and experiences and look forward to hearing from you with eager anticipation. Sure, this bond might take time to build, seeing how it is based on trust and mutual respect. But, believe me, the time and resources devoted to finding your audience will ultimately be worth it. Once the barriers are eliminated and the bond successfully built, the possibilities are endless.

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It Improves Your Writing and Communication Skill.

Having awesome ideas in your head does not necessarily translate to you being a great communicator. Likewise, being a great vocal communicator does not mean your ideas will look great in the written form. Another of the reasons you should own a personal blog is it helps you hone your writing and communication skills. Imagine that, two for the price of one. The more you share ideas in your head, the better you get at communicating and writing them. Asides from benefitting you as a blogger, this will also benefit you on an interpersonal level.

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It Can Be Monetized.

Another one of the reasons you should own a personal blog is that you can monetize it if you wish. More than a mere passion project, your blog can become a second stream of income for you. There is no cap to the earning possibility of your blog. It all depends on how much of your time, effort and resources you are willing to invest. Are you running this blog as a side project? Or, are you ready to commit to the blogging business full time? Whichever it is you choose, you’d get to generate income via your blog on that level.

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It Helps Builds Relationships And Networks.

A lot of people don’t know this, but the blogging community is one large coven of awesome human beings. And what does it take to become a part of this coven? Simple! Set up your own blog. The moment you own your personal blog, you become a member of this community and you can start forging relationships.  People have formed lifelong friendships, built strong support systems, grown their business network, all within the blogging community. Why shouldn’t you do the same?

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It Builds You Into A Brand

It doesn’t matter if becoming a brand was never a part of your primary motivations for starting your blog. Owning a blog sets you on that path of being perceived as a brand, especially when you do it right. With a blog, you are no longer just someone sharing ideas from the obscure corner of his room. The platform affords you the luxury of being regarded as more than that. People will perceive you differently as a result of your blog’s existence, and so should you.

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