9 Simple Human Activities That Terrify Me

 9 Simple Human Activities That Terrify Me

It would be understandable should this post come off as ridiculous to anyone. And, the reason for that is not a mystery. Most, if not all, of the activities listed below are activities most people carry out without giving it serious thought. I see people carry out these activities effortlessly each and every day.

And, honestly, you’d be wrong to think I’m trying to be dramatic here. As ridiculously easy as the activities listed in this post sound, they scare the living daylight out of me.

Enough said about me,  now to said activities.

1- Talking About Money.
And that includes negotiating for my services, asking for money owed me and requesting financial assistance. Money related discussions just make me unnecessarily tensed. Sincerely, I’ll jump off a cliff faster than I’ll start a conversation about money. And, when, if I eventually talk about money, it is done with so much awkwardness.

2- Walking Into A Room Full Of Strangers.
And this includes strangers and fairly familiar people alike. Those walks, no matter how short, seem like the longest walks of my life. It gets worse when the entrance is conspicuous and everyone in the room has a great vantage point. In such moments, I wish temporary blindness on everyone in the room for the period it takes me to settle down. Call me selfish, cruel, or extreme. At the end of the day, I’m just a terrified human seeking to cope with his fears.

3- Meeting Relatives I Have Not Seen In A While.
Most especially when such meetings are at family functions. This is one of the many reasons my ‘pre family function’ mood is usually bereft of excitement. I hardly look forward to family functions. I feel the exact same way about relatives I haven’t seen in a while as I feel about complete strangers. Call me crazy, but, if I have lost touch with you as a relative, you are probably not my relative anymore.

4- Being In Formal Gatherings.
The seriousness – read uptightness – that is characteristic of such gatherings doesn’t sit well with me. I’m cut room a different cloth. I love the freedom outside such gatherings. Formal gatherings are just too… well, too formal for me. I don’t thrive socially and most especially creatively in such environments. People who know me well know. The thought of going to a formal gathering, for me, is depressing.

5- Ordering At Restaurants.
With life generally, I feel overwhelmed whenever I’m faced with many options to choose from. I love the simplicity of having to choose from fewer options. A simplicity that is not typical of most restaurants. That explains my horror for ordering food at restaurants. I’m more of the “I’ll have whatever he is having” or “make that two plates, please.” guy. That’s why you’ll most likely never find me at a restaurant all by myself.

6- Initiating Conversation With People
And this includes initiating conversation in person and virtually too. I’m naturally not a conversation starter, that’s how I am wired. I could be in a room with someone for hours and remain silent. If the other party is unlike me and initiates a conversation, I know how to respond properly to keep the conversation going. I can even hijack the conversation at some point and play lead. Starting conversations remain the only headache.

7- Appearing In Photographs
Appearing in photographs terrify me. I’d rather be on the other end of the camera, taking pictures of other people. It’s a good thing that apps don’t automatically get uninstalled from phones for prolonged lack of use. If that were the case, my camera app would have been gone a long time ago. If it were up to me, there wouldn’t be such a thing as ‘selfie.’

8- Carrying Newborn Babies
Babies are cute, adorable and all that. I love them and their arrival brings me joy too. I just don’t like carrying them. Not until they are a bit mature. When they are newborn, I do all I can within my power to stay away from them. I battle this lingering fear that they’ll slip and fall off my hands if I carry them. I know some of you will say not to allow that hinder me. Thanks. But, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

9- Accepting Compliments.
There is just this awkwardness that comes with being complimented. I can’t handle it. It terrifies me. Especially those compliment sessions that wouldn’t just come to a quick end. In fact, when someone doesn’t stop with the compliments, I begin to feel distrustful of the person.

There you have it, guys. Nine simple human activities that terrify me. Can you relate? Do you think I’m weird? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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  • September 15, 2017 at 8:58 am

    ‘Call me crazy, but, if I have lost touch with you as a relative, you are probably not my relative anymore’…LOL

    • April 13, 2018 at 3:57 pm

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