Assistant Madams Season 1 Review: A Show With More Sex Appeal Than Story Appeal

Assistant Madam’s Season 1 Review: A Show With More Sex Appeal Than Story Appeal

When RedTv released the trailer for Assistant Madams season 1, I published a review in which my hopes and excitement for the series clearly shone through. Now that the debut season of the series has completed its run, the big question is, “were my hopes and expectations met, and was the excitement worth it?”

Of course, I’ll start with the Assistant Madams season 1 prediction I got right. In my review of the show’s trailer, I pointed out how the show had the tendency to be overly sexualized. Well… To a large extent, I was right. The raunchy approach wasn’t, at all, a marketing strategy as I had suggested could be a possibility. Thanks a lot to this, Assistant Madams season 1 excels with sex appeal but, sadly, the same can’t be said for story appeal. After watching the first few episodes of this series, I completely lost interest. I feel like the premise of the show is packed with more potential than the creators, for whatever reason, ended up tapping into.

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The plotting of the show too didn’t seem to do it for me. Some of the major plot points in the show just seemed too convenient and unconvincing. The dialogue in the show was basic and way too conversational – read boring – than dramatic. If you’re familiar with writing dialogue for film, you’ll know the golden rule is, “SHOW don’t TELL.” The reverse of the rule was the case with the dialogue in Assistant Madams season.

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If the story and plot of the series, like I opined, wasn’t great, acting, sadly, didn’t do so much to save it. The acting in Assistant Madams season 1 was, on a number of occasions, unbelievably unbelievable, lazy, and cringe-worthy.  I wouldn’t be citing any of the actors, but I just couldn’t get past how shambolic the acting was in a lot of scenes. I wouldn’t want to blame it on the casting of the characters, the show has a perfect blend of rated and recognized faces mixed with some up-and-comers. The cast of the series, if you ask me, was very capable of delivering beautiful and believable performances, but for whatever the reason, that was not the case.

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Another potential I thought the series could have really tapped into but didn’t is the The Men’s Club and Assistant Madams crossover. I know crossovers can be a tough task to execute, but still…The eventual cameo roles the characters from The Men’s Club made didn’t do much for the show and, for the large part of it, felt more like filler scenes.

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Additionally, I remember clearly that I bragged on the technical quality of the Assistant Madams season 1 trailer in my review. Clearly, I hastily generalized and misjudged. While the cinematography was good, poorly recorded audio and distracting ADR scenes that were difficult to ignore ravaged this show. The theme song of the series though, that was a bit groovy and could count as a plus for the series.

With all these said, I would conclude by saying Assistant Madams season 1 teased more punch than it eventually delivered. In my trailer review, I asked if this could be the perfect response to The Men’s Club, clearly, it tried, but it wasn’t. And, if you ask me about the possibility of a second season, I highly doubt it would/should happen. Unless the producers of the show can tweak their formula, I feel like, just like Our Best Friend’s Wedding, this should be the last we see of Assistant Madams.

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