Baby Face, A Blessing Or A Curse?

Baby Face, A Blessing Or A Curse?

It’s no news. I have heard it countless times that I am blessed with a baby face.  Also, it is no mystery where the baby face came from. I know the source. I got my baby face from my Mama. No! Our gateman does not have baby face, lol.

Reference to my baby face used to be a compliment I always received with a coy smile on my face. But, all that was before. Things have changed of late. Nowadays, it seems like people have found a way to drain the joy out of this gift of nature. Concluding from recent baby face related experiences, I can boldly attest that it’s indeed a wicked world we live in.

Most especially since I completed my service year, I have had to endure one too many remarks I would consider snide as regards my baby face. The interesting things about these remarks are how they are deceptively never direct, mostly inferred. Also interesting is how on the surface they don’t appear even a teeny tiny bit hurtful. And how they make you look like you are being unnecessarily emotional for reacting angrily to them. But, upon close and careful examination, these comments are exposed for the evil that they really are. For a neutral party, deciphering and fully grasping the gravity of these comments would require a reversal of role.

I would never have believed it had someone told me back then that it would come to this. That it would get to a point where I would feel insulted, disrespected, demeaned and belittled. But, sadly, it has come to that. And, because I’m a passive aggressive, my best response is to bore you my lovely readers with this post.

I used to revel in any reference to my baby face not so long ago. So, what changed? Everything. Majorly… people. I mean, why would someone look at me two years post NYSC and ask if I have gotten University admission? Why? I feel like crying right now. There was even one time someone asked if I had reached the age of eighteen, still talking post-NYSC! Let me not even get started on these experiences. I have countless of these heartbreaking and gut wrenching encounters to write about.

Also, as I grow older, it’s only right that I want to be taken seriously and treated with respect accordingly. These ‘belittling’ comments really don’t help accomplish any of the aforementioned. Compliment my baby face and I would appreciate it. Just don’t, consciously or subconsciously, make comments that would end up making me feel belittled. Remarks that leave me with no choice but to infer that you think I look too small for my accomplishments. Or that I am too tall for my age and should be doing something less important with my life. Please, avoid those. And, just so we are clear, that is me appealing to you, not issuing a threat.

So far, I’ve done a good job of holding it together. Many thanks to my passive aggressive nature. But, I can’t promise that will always be the case, that I will never lose it and snap. I think I might flip one day and I also feel so strongly like that day is getting increasingly closer. Somebody might just be minutes away from being the unlucky one on whom I unleash all these pent-up aggression. Honestly, I feel for that person, whoever it turns out to be, already.

Maybe carrying a copy of my birth certificate pasted on my forehead would drastically reduce this embarrassment. Or, maybe that’s a plain stupid idea and I’m just being desperate. Whatever the case, I just want this to stop. I sincerely don’t want to have another ‘You this smallie experience.’

So “baby face, a blessing or a curse?” I mean, for me, my mind is already made up and there is no changing it. I just want to know what the thoughts of my lovely readers have. If they, for any reasonable reason, think otherwise.


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4 thoughts on “Baby Face, A Blessing Or A Curse?

  • August 29, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Looool….I go through the same thing.It can be both a blessing and a curse cause after all the silly age questions,when they eventually find out how old you are it switches up to a compliment.

    • September 2, 2017 at 1:20 am

      For real, Darabong, those times when they are left with no choice than to offer compliments are the ones I live for, lol.
      Thanks for your time.

  • October 6, 2017 at 6:05 am

    I go through the same thing and I hateee it. I mean maybe later on in life it’ll turn out to be a blessing but right now it’s just annoying

    • October 6, 2017 at 9:00 am

      I know exactly how you feel, Temiloluu. I still got asked if I’m done with school last Sunday. The crazy part is, the question came from someone who was entering his second year when I graduated school.
      We’ll be alright tho, I trust we will.


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