Before You Set Up Your Blog

As promised in this post on my blog. Here are some tips I believe would benefit would-be and baby bloggers.

How To Set Up A Blog

A lot of wrong information exists out there about what it takes to own and run a blog. Many unfounded claims about how easy it is to make money from blogging. It is understandable that people would run with these fabrications. The prospects of a passive income that they are presented with always sound too juicy to be passed up on. It is indeed the truth that you can make money from blogging, but then, it is a half truth. People hardly lack information about how to transform their blog into a cash cow. Sadly, they are most of the time not brought up to speed that there is a catch to it.

It is very dangerous to make a decision to start blogging based on such wrong information. The risk of suffering burnout and frustration that will ultimately lead to quitting is high. If the decision to start a blog is based on such lies, the probability of failing becomes increased.  A lot of people, because they were fed lies, have had a terrible experience with blogging. Their experience turning out to be the complete opposite of all they were told to expect. When promises fail to materialize, giving up turns out to be the most viable option. Efforts of such people at blogging usually culminate in an abandoned blog.

You can save yourself the self-loathing and pain of falling short that comes with seeing your blog fail. Those bitter emotions are avoidable when blogging is engaged appropriately. One way to do that is to rid your head of every illusion thriving inside it.

Below, in no particular order, are some tips I believe would benefit would-be and baby bloggers. These ideas will help clear their heads of the unrealistic ideas they have been sold.

Be Intent On Creating Value

Don’t allow the thought of generating passive income be your sole motivator. Think Value creation. Value is what will turn random visitors of your blog into loyal followers. The audience you seek will be attracted when they see you have something of value to offer. Value is greater than money. Creating value is major, making money is minor compared to it. Don’t major on the minor.

Carefully Select A Niche

Consider your strengths and interest in settling for a niche. The more comfortable you are with your niche of choice, the easier blogging will be. Choosing a niche you are comfortable with would make the creation of original content easier. The audience would have a hard time relating to your content if they sense it lacks in originality. Don’t set up your blog in a niche because you feel or were told it is more lucrative. That is a perfect recipe for failure – believe me, I have been there.

Do Not Be Scared Of Innovation.

New ideas will certainly start popping up the moment your blog is up and running. Ideas you never would have had while in the planning stage. You will definitely have to tinker with your original plans on many occasions, infusing newer ideas. Don’t be scared to innovate. Altering your original plan is not an outright bad move.  As you innovate, however, make sure the keep the initial goal for the blog in mind.


There are more than enough resources online to help you with your blog. Read blog posts, watch instructional and how-to videos. Research would save you a lot of time and see to it that you don’t engage in unproductive activities. Read up on whatever confuses you. Time spent learning is time wisely spent. Jumping in blind is not advisable. It only amounts to a waste of time, effort, and resources.

Set Clear Realistic Goals And Put Appropriate Plans To Achieve Them In Place.

Be clear on what you really want to achieve with your blog. Also, you should have a detailed plan outlining how said goals will be achieved. Knowing these will give you a clear mental picture of the direction in which to take the blog. It will also go a long way to ease content development.

Learn To Be Patient.

If patience is not your strong point, you would have to learn if you really want to be a blogger. Blogging requires patience. Blogs don’t generally take off like we project them to. It is like they have a mind of their own and move at their own pace. During these waiting days, it would seem like all your efforts are unproductive. On days like this, and there would be plenty of such days, patience really comes in handy.

You Will Need A Strong Work Ethic.

You can’t afford to be sloppy in this business. Develop a strong work ethic. Laziness will get in the way of your blog and success if you allow it. Work your blog like you would your day job like you have a superior to report back to. Work on your new blog like it is an established blog. Don’t wait for your blog to start getting traction before you start taking it seriously.

Monitor Your Progress.

Make this a priority. Take not of how much you have progressed frequently. This will motivate you to do even more.  Know those goals you have achieved and the ones that are yet unachieved. An awareness of how far you have come with your blog helps focus on priorities as you set new goals.

Don’t Allow Room For Complacency.

You will undoubtedly achieve some desired levels of success with your blog. Some of these breakthroughs you will experience unexpectedly. Never find yourself resting on your laurels; instead, allow them to serve as motivation for reaching even higher heights.

Give Your Best.

…and nothing but your best at all times. You owe it to yourself and to your audience to always give your best. It speaks well of your brand and it will cause your platform to grow. Your blog’s credibility will skyrocket should you make a habit of giving you best at all times.

Be Ready To Sacrifice

A blogger must be willing to sacrifice. You will have to sacrifice time and resources will have to be sacrificed. Blogging seriously might also require that you cut back on your sleeping hours. And also, if the only thoughts that matter to you are those of your bae/boo alone, that might have to change. Blogging involves a lot of decision-making; your blog will have to be on your mind as much as possible.

Visit Other Blogs

Checking out what another blogger is doing on his platform does not reduce you as a blogger. It doesn’t always have to be a completion. I can assure you, you will find cool ideas you can implement on your blog whilst visiting other blogs. Ideas you might never have thought of on your own.

Don’t Settle For Average.

Even though you are starting small, you shouldn’t remain small.

As you set out to set up your blog, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors as a blogger. Happy blogging.

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