Book Review: The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

Book Review: The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu [Book Download Links]


My ideal description of The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu? That would be financial enlightenment meets chick flick.” How else would you have me describe the book? This book successfully interweaves cogent financial lessons and a beautiful love story. The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu is a book on personal finance, yes. But, no, this book is not your everyday book on personal finance. Arese Ugwu’s unconventional approach to treating the topic makes the book stand out from amongst books on the same topic. With The Smart Money Woman, Arese Ugwu weaves practicable personal finance lessons around a properly plotted and written fictional story. The resultant effect of this is The Smart Money Woman being an interesting read.

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The book chronicles the financial journey of the fictional character, Zuri, a senior manager at a real estate firm. The story begins with her realizing that, thanks to her insouciance towards managing her finance, her finances are a mess. The remainder of the book details the decisions made, both minor and major, and financial principles applied, that propelled Zuri out of the plummeting state of her finances and set her towards the glorious path of financial freedom. The author also enlists the help of Zuri’s girlfriends and a love interest to pass other important financial messages across.

A notable feature of the book is its writing style and language. The language of The Smart Money Woman is very simple, true to life and relatable. As expected, the author relies heavily on properly written English. But she also incorporates contemporary slangs and lingo, a move that makes the book even more enjoyable. Also, native Nigerian languages are employed, giving attention to varying peculiar speaking patterns. If you’re looking to read a book on personal finance whose language isn’t overly technical, this is the one. The author doesn’t rely too much on technical terms to pass her message across. And even where she does, she ensures to break it down as well as possible.

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One major reservation I had with The Smart Money Woman is the repeated publicity for Nigerian brands it is rife with. A lot of Nigerian brands were name-dropped in the book. I don’t know what the motivation must have been, but I, personally, felt it was overdone. At some point, it became obvious that these brands weren’t being mentioned to help with exposition, but, instead, for publicity. I feel like, with the name-dropping, less would have been more.

That aside though, The Smart Money Woman is a gem and one I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. It is the sort of book that plants the right seeds in your heart. Reading the book left me burning with desire to increase on the little I already know about personal finance. The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu isn’t the comprehensive guide you’ve been seeking on your quest for financial freedom. Notwithstanding, this book will lead and keep you on the right path if financial freedom is something you desire. And, if you’ve been on that path before but lost your way, this book can help you with redirection.

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Author: Arese Ugwu

Book Title: The Smart Money Woman

Publisher:  Matador

Published: 2016

Page Count: 170

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