BukaFedGeeks’ Backseat Episode One Review

BukaFedGeeks' Backseat Review

BukaFedGeeks’ Backseat, like Flat 3B before it, is the latest of the production company’s favored 3-part anthology web-series format. Backseat is created by acclaimed Nigerian showrunner, television producer, screenwriter, and director, Victor Sanchez Aghahowa. Sanchez Aghahowa’s writing/directing credits include Dowry, Jemeji, Hush, Hotel Majestic, Jamestown, to mention a few.

Backseat tells the story of a 30-year old lady, Jema, who recently resigned from her job in a construction company. Consequently, Jema is currently in between jobs and, to make the much needed spare cash, she drives for a ride-sharing service. Backseat dramatizes in detail all sorts of drama that transpires between herself and the passengers she transports in the ‘backseat’ of her car.

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Episode one sees Jema quickly thrown into the thick of things as she has to endure a snobbish passenger. Worse still, this passenger isn’t just snobbish, he gives Jema a poor rating upon alighting leaving for an irate Jema. This is immediately followed by a chatty passenger that engages her in a conversation that interests both of them. But, things only get interesting when Jema has to pick up her father whom she’s been avoiding. Jema’s father starts off berating Jema’s source of livelihood with Jema responding in defense of her choice. The ensuing exchange, considering the circumstances, was relatively civilized. However, the conversation gets heated once Jema’s father changes the topic to that of marital status.

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BukaFedGeeks’ Backseat is written and directed by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa. Backseat features Bellarose Okojie as Jema, Tony Akposheri as her father, Chris Okagbue, Emmanuel Ozzi, Ada Onyekpa, Damilare Sogbetan, Nnamdi Agbo.

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According to the producers of the show, these are the release dates for the episodes;
EPISODE 1 – Premieres May 20th 2019
EPISODE 2 – Premieres May 27th 2019
EPISODE 3 – Premieres June 3rd 2019

Watch BukaFedGeeks’ Backseat Episode one below.

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