BukaFedGeeks’ Man Of Her Dreams Is Returning For A Second Season

BukaFedGeeks' Man Of Her Dreams Is Returning For A Second Season

Earlier this year, acclaimed Nigerian television director and showrunner, Victor Sanchez Aghahowa, launched his online Tv channel, BukaFedGeeks. The channel started gaining widespread attention with the release of its first scripted drama, Man Of Her Dreams. The first season of the series premiered on the the 25th of February and ran till the 8th of March 2019.

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BukaFedGeeks’ Man Of Her Dreams tells the story of Kari, (Sonia Irabor) who lives with her BFF Ladi, (Folu Storms). Kari, though single, is nightly plagued by dreams of a serious relationship with a perfect stranger. Everything is all fun and games until the man Kari had been dreaming of – Eso Okolocha – is introduced to her by her mother as the new tenant.

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Following a successful first season, BukaFedGeeks’ Man of Her Dreams is now confirmed to be returning for a new season. The sophomore season of BukaFedGeeks’ Man Of Her Dreams will premiere online on Monday, June 17. Like it was with the first season, a new 10-minute episode will be released every day.

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