Dare Olaitan’s Knock Out Blessing Review: 4 Reasons You Should See It

Dare Olaitan's Knock Out Blessing Review: 4 Reasons You Should See It

Dare Olaitan’s Knock Out Blessing tells an intriguing tale about three girls on an adventure to survive, which takes them down a path that leads into the criminal sector of Nigeria’s political underworld.

Here are four reasons why I think you should see Dare Olaitan’s Knock Out Blessing.

It’s Dare Olaitan’s Much Anticipated Sophomore Project.

Saying that Filmmaker, Dare Olaitan, wowed us with his debut film, Ojukokoro (greed), would be stating the obvious. As at the time of the movie’s release, Dare Olaitan, fresh from film school, was an unknown name in Nollywood. All that would change starting from when Ojukokoro started showing across cinemas Nationwide. The movie was greeted with rave reviews, birthing great anticipation for his sophomore project. And now we have Dare Olaitan’s Knock Out Blessing, the project we’ve been anticipating!

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The Movie Actually Has An Intriguing Trailer.

Just in case the first point feels hugely sentimental to you, here’s a more logical argument. As far as movie trailers are concerned, I daresay Knock Out Blessing’s is one of the best from Nollywood this year. It isn’t the “conventional” blandly pieced movie highlight reel we get many times. Quite the contrary, Knock Out Blessing’s trailer looks well thought out and properly executed. The trailer elicits emotions and successfully creates a hunger for the movie in the viewer – at least, it did for me. Well, all that is one the one hand. Right on the other hand, I do know from experience not to judge a movie solely by its trailer. But that notwithstanding, the trailer for Knock Out Blessing just makes you want to throw caution to the wind…

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The Movie Goes Against The Slapstick Convention

The release of Kemi Adetiba’s political crime thriller, King of Boys, offered succor to many Nigerian moviegoers. The movie successfully broke the slapstick Monopoly on the verge of sucking the life out of Nigerian cinema. Now, following Kemi Adetiba’s success, we have another crime thriller on our hands. We do deserve to always have options, and this time around we do, thanks to Dare Olaitan.

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It Features A Relatively Fresh Cast

If there is one thing Nigerian filmmakers are guilty of, it’s recycling actors. Of course, I understand they have their reasons, but then, isn’t it said that variety is the spice of life? Thankfully, in this casting department, Dare Olaitan’s Knock Out Blessing excels. While the cast isn’t particularly made up of unknown up and comers, it features faces our eyes aren’t really fatigued from seeing on our cinema screens.

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