Email Accounts, 4 Ways To Make The Most Of Them

Email Accounts, 4 Ways To Make The Most Of Them

Email accounts are commonplace these days, gone are the days when email accounts seemed exclusive to certain circles. You’d be surprised to find out that virtually everybody has an email account. But, of that number, only a very few really care for these accounts. A large number of millennials are more familiar with their social media accounts than they are with their email accounts. They can afford long stretches of time without checking their emails and feel comfortable while at it. On the contrary, if they don’t get a social media notification in few hours, worry sets in.

Maybe it’s for the gossipy nature of social media, as opposed to the business-y and formal nature of emails. Whatever the case, you’ll agree with me that email culture on this side of the globe really needs to be improved upon. Here are four practical ways you can improve your email culture;

Keep A Schedule:
If you aren’t one to regularly check your email account, making it a habit will require conscious effort from you. One way you can easily grow into a regular mail checker is to start with scheduled visits. Scheduled visits allow you build this habit without putting too much pressure on you.

When fixing a schedule, try to start with something really simple, nothing too ambitious. You could, maybe, start with two visits a week. Scheduled one of those visits at the start of the week, and another at the end of it. If you stick to such a flexible schedule for a while, over time, you’ll see the need to increase your number of visits. To ensure you follow your schedule religiously, you can set reminders for days you choose to check your mail.

Manage Your Subscriptions
One of the reasons we tend to ignore our email accounts altogether is overload of messages. After long periods, we check our emails and are overwhelmed by the number of unread messages in the mailbox. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of messages is, indeed, enough reason to be overwhelmed. One way to prevent this from happening is to manage our subscriptions.

It’s easy to subscribe to our favorite websites, or websites that we, at certain points, have found helpful. However, keeping up with the newsletters is where the challenge is. Many subscriptions equal, many newsletters. Many newsletters equal a higher tendency of becoming overwhelmed. Don’t turn your mailbox into a digital dumping ground. Regularly manage your newsletter subscriptions. Unsubscribe from newsletters that are no longer of value, unsubscribe from those you subscribed to on impulse too. This brings me to my next point;

Regularly Declutter Your Inbox
Not all messages that get delivered to your mailbox deserve to be kept there. To keep an attractive mailbox, you’ll need to get rid of clutter in the form of unimportant messages. Some messages, by their very nature, have a time frame on their importance, there’s no point having them forever.

You should frequently go through your messages for important and unimportant messages, and then proceed to treat them accordingly. Unimportant messages don’t belong in your inbox, send them to the trash. Ensuring your mailbox is clutter free enhances your chances of making the most of your email.

Limit The Number Of People You Give Your Email Address To
It is only right you withhold your email address if you know you don’t check your emails regularly. Acting otherwise, you do great disservice to whomever it is you give your email to send you a message. Really, what’s the point if the chance of their message getting read is so-so slim, almost nonexistent? Give people alternate mediums through which they can easily contact you, instead.

Limiting the number of people you give your email address to benefits you too. The lesser the number of people with your email address, the lesser the messages that’ll pile up in your absence. Save yourself, and others, the unnecessary stress, keep your email address to yourself except when necessary.

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