Google AdSense: A Quick Introduction To The Program


Google AdSense: A Quick Introduction To The Program

The Google AdSense program is a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) advertising program run by Google. Before I lose you, what Cost-Per-Click advertising means is remuneration is calculated based primarily on the number of active clicks registered. Of course, there are several other variable factors that are considered with this payment arrangement employed by Google. CPC simply means that clicks are the major deciding factor. The Google AdSense program was created specifically for website publishers looking to generate some revenue from their websites. Google, via their AdSense program, offers such webmasters the chance to have ads automatically served on their websites. This serving of ads is only possible upon the website’s approval by Google. In exchange for making their websites available to Google, these partner publishers get paid when visitors CLICK on any of the ads served on their websites.

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Of the plethora of ways webmasters can make money off blogging, the Google AdSense program is arguably the most popular. It’s hard to say it’s the most lucrative of all the options available for a webmasters consideration. However, the popularity the program enjoys remains one of the major reasons many continue to consider it. Even people with absolutely no clue about the program will assure you, for a fact, you can make money off it. Little wonder many people are quick to quote blogging as an option those seeking alternative sources of income should consider. This goes to show how popular this advertising program is.

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The widely held belief is that Google simply pays blog owners in direct exchange for advert spaces on their blogs. That, to a very high extent, is the truth. But, unfortunately, that Google simply pays webmasters in exchange for advert spaces doesn’t represent the whole truth. Presenting it that way makes making money off running an AdSense approved blog seem ridiculously easy. Like, all you need to do is own a blog, get approved for the Google AdSense program, and ka-ching! The money starts flowing into your pocket in thousands.

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I do wish that was all there is to it. But, sadly, that’s not how the systems of the Google AdSense program operates. As you’ll find out in subsequent posts in this series, with Google AdSense, things work a little differently. In this series, I will discuss the operational style of the program in as much detail as I possibly can. I certainly do not know it all. But I’ll share the little I’ve learned, through research and experience, in about a year of being an AdSense publisher. This series will be broken down into seven parts, namely

1. Part One: A Quick Introduction To The Program.

2. Part Two: How Is Google AdSense Different From Other Forms Of Advertising?

3. Part Three: Google AdSense: Why Are Readers Not Clicking On My Ads?

4. Part Four: How Do I Make Readers Click On My Ads?

5. Part Five: Glamorized Myths And Unpopular Truths About Google AdSense.

6. Part Six: Is The Google AdSense Program Worth It/Advice For Intending Publishers.

7. Part Seven: How To Speed Up Your Google AdSense Approval Process.

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