Google Adsense: Glamorized Myths And Unpopular Truths.

Google Adsense: Glamorized Myths And Unpopular Truths.

There are quite a number of misconceptions out there regarding the Google AdSense program. And it is sad, because these misconceptions serve as motivation for a lot of intending AdSense publishers. This has resulted in a lot of unmet expectations and frustration for a lot of publishers. And, sadly, there will be a lot more of such cases, without a doubt. For this reason, I’ll do my best to demythologize these myths by revealing the unheard truths that exist to them.

1. MYTH NUMBER ONE: Google AdSense Operates The Same Way As Traditional Advertising.

Anyone who starts out their AdSense publishing career with this belief would, undoubtedly, experience a reality check in no time. Google’s advertising system operates differently from that of traditional advertising. Google’s is a unique advertising arrangement. Where traditional advertising arrangements consider the visibility and reach of your platform, Google is more concerned about engagement with ads.

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That is to say, Google is not satisfied with eyes seeing the ads. Their major concern is for those eyes to indicate their interest by CLICKING on the ads they see. Where traditional forms of advertising are satisfied with 1000 eyes/ears seeing/hearing published ads, more than seeing or hearing, Google wants those 1000 to indicate that the ads actually caught their attention by clicking.

2. MYTH NUMBER TWO: A Google AdSense Approval Will Put An End To Your Financial Woes.

Maybe this will be true in the nearest future. But, I can assure you, that will not be the case now that you are just starting out. If that were the case, I would be writing on how to be a millionaire in your twenties, not this. Sure, when properly handled, an AdSense account can become a cash cow in your hands. But there is no way you are getting that on a platter of gold. You will have to WORK for it. You will have to EARN it. Webmasters with intimidating figures in their earnings tab didn’t get there overnight. Don’t, for once, think those figures came on the back of an approval and little effort.

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An approval means you now have to be more consistent with blogging. You have to be extra careful about the content that goes up on your blog. You now have to pay keen attention to behavioral patterns of your readers. What content do they interact with more and vice versa? What will it take to turn them into returning readers and not just one time visitors?

3. MYTH NUMBER THREE: Huge Traffic Will Always Translate To Higher Earnings.

Sorry to burst your bubble. But, sadly, while there is, undeniably, an iota of truth in this, it is not the absolute truth. Sure, having high traffic puts you at an advantage, but it does not guarantee anything. If you really want to partake of this AdSense money, what you need are clicks. The remuneration that comes from views is meager, it is chump change. THE REAL CHEESE IS IN THE CLICKS. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t just want readers to visit your blog, see the ads published on your blog and leave. That’s not sufficient. You need them to indicate interest by clicking on these ads.

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So, you see, huge traffic is important, but it’s not all you need. You need to convert those views to clicks for higher earnings. A webmaster with lower traffic and higher clicks will earn more than one with high traffic and paltry clicks.

4. MYTH NUMBER FOUR: The AdSense System Can Be Gamed To A Webmaster’s Advantage.

Google, the operators of the AdSense program, are very keen on protecting the interests of their clients. They go great lengths to ensure that their clients get maximum value for their patronage. For this reason, the AdSense program has zero tolerance for suspicious activities. The rules against such ‘black hat’ practices are strict. You could easily get kicked out of the program should your account get flagged for suspicious activities. I can tell you this first hand as I have served a month-long suspension myself. Honestly, it’s not worth the risk. You do not want to risk Google’s wrath when you can play by the rules and grow organically.

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So, there you have it, some myths about Google AdSense and the truths you should know. You can read up on other posts from this series if you haven’t, yet.

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