Google Adsense: Is The Program Worth It/Advice For Intending Publishers.

Google Adsense: Is The Program Worth It/Advice For Intending Publishers.

Google Adsense: Is The Program Worth It?

I know I might have made this whole process of getting and actively managing an AdSense account sound intimidating. I sincerely apologize for that. You can be assured that wasn’t my intention when I set out to write this series. With that said, of course, the program is worth partaking in. With the right amount of determination and resilience, anyone can make this work.

The Google AdSense program is a great way to generate passive income. And, with time, dedication, investment etc, it can well be transformed from a passive source of income into an active one. It all depends on how much you want it and how far you’re willing to go for it.

Google Adsense: Advice For Intending Publishers.

– Before you apply for an AdSense account, please, research. Do well to read up about the program on the internet, this will save you a lot of stress. There are tons of posts online that cover the topic of the Google AdSense application process. Do yourself the favor of reading a number of those so you can make informed application decisions. Even though this will in no way guarantee your application not getting turned down, you should still do it.

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– If your application gets rejected, don’t lose hope. Your rejection mail will come with reasons explaining why your application wasn’t accepted, work on those and re-apply. Take me for an example, I got accepted on my second try. What if I had given up after the first attempt? I know someone who got approved on their fifth application. And I’m sure there are people who needed to apply more times before getting approved. A rejected application shouldn’t make you give up on the program.

– Don’t sign up for the Google AdSense program expecting a quick payout. I promise you, you’ll end up disappointed if you do. Be prepared to exercise some patience.  Yes, this can eventually become a cash cow, but you’ll have to build from the ground up. I’ve been at this for about a year now, and I’m yet to reach the $100 payment threshold, I’m not even close.

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– Don’t rely on the program as the sole means of monetizing your blog. Try out other options – Brand placements, promotional posts, affiliate marketing, create and sell products etc. Like I’ve stated before, you’d most likely start out earning in trickles from the Google AdSense program. If making money off your blog is one of your primal motivations for blogging, this can be frustrating. So, save yourself the frustration, consider other monetization options.

– Don’t try to hack the system. Frustrated by the trickling nature of your earnings, you might be tempted to try finding your way around the system. Please don’t do it.  Google has zero tolerance for such practices. You stand the risk of getting kicked out of the program completely if you get caught employing fraudulent methods.

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– Don’t get discouraged at the early stages. The early stage of being an AdSense publisher is the toughest. Expectations are usually very high at this point, and reality will most likely not match the expectations. Hence, it is understandable for anyone to consider quitting at this point. But my advice is to do otherwise. Stick around a little more, and a little more than before and some more. Eventually, your patience will pay off.

– Upon approval, don’t get distracted by earning that you forget to create awesome content for your blog. Your first concern should always be your blog. Even if all fails, you still have your blog. Let your content ring true to your person. Don’t allow earning potentials cloud your mind.

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