Hanatu, Gabriel Afolayan Shines In Kunle Afolayan Short Film

Hanatu, Gabriel Afolayan Shines In Brother’s, Kunle Afolayan Short Film

Hanatu is a propaganda short film written for the Sahara Group by Sola Dada. The film stars Gabriel Afolayan, Bimbo Manuel, Joan Momodu, Segun Akintunde and Teslimat Abubakar-Eradiri as principal characters.

The 21-minute long short film was produced and directed by popular Nollywood producer/director, Kunle Afolayan.  In the film, Gabriel Afolayan portrays a character named Priye, a National Youth Service Corp member.  Priye is presently completing his mandatory service year in a community close to Auchi, Edo state. It’s in the course of service that he encounters a little girl, Hanatu, an indigene of the community of his place of primary assignment.  Hanatu, unlike other kids in the community, doesn’t attend school, neither does she interact with other children in the community. Priye, driven by sheer curiosity, proceeds to figure out the reason behind this anomaly. On inquiring, Priye finds the little girl is crippled in one of her legs. The rest of the film sees Priye, moved with compassion, try, desperately, to get help for Hanatu.

The film’s need to promote a product aside, Hanatu is a very beautiful and heart-warming short film. Coupled with effortlessly brilliant acting from Gabriel Afolayan, you are left with little choice but to overlook the propaganda. Gabriel’s performance was just an addition to a growing list of remarkable acting performances.

I particularly like how the filmmakers left it late with going full throttle on the propaganda. Kudos to them for not forcefully shoving the product down our throats from the very beginning. I daresay Hanatu ranks as one of the best produced short films by an indigenous filmmaker.  The movie excels on many levels, the story being one of them. The story is a simple but beautifully written one.

And, if it just so happens that you don’t find all these reasons convincing enough, please, be reminded that there is the Afolayan brothers collaboration to also look forward to.

Convinced now? Hit the play button below to watch Hanatu.

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