Husbands From Heaven

Maybe husbands really do come from heaven…

Husbands From Heaven

She had never been one to turn down an invitation to go clubbing, especially not on a Friday night. If anything, Kike loved kicking off her weekend at the club. She loved the wild partying, the flirtatious dancing, the unguarded drinking, and most of all, she loved the resulting hangovers. Yes, the hangovers. Knowing that it mattered less since she would not be reporting for work the next morning somehow made her crave it.

However, upon realizing that her friend only wanted them hanging out more often because she was secretly trying to matchmake her, Kike started withdrawing. She started coming up with excuses, which at first were believable, for choosing to spend her Friday nights being all by herself at home. But her excuses soon became obvious and ridiculous.

She hated being treated like a helpless person in dire need of rescuing. Attaining the ripe age of thirty and not having a relationship to show for it was not a curse. And she would not let anyone, not even her best friend, treat her like she was suffering from one. Even if that would mean missing out on the fun a Friday night at the club promised, she was willing to sacrifice it all.

“Babe, are you really sure you don’t want to go?” Felicia queried, still perfecting her makeup in front of the mirror.

“For the hundredth time tonight Felicia. Yes, I am sure.” she replied, sighing.

“Sorry o. I apologize for being concerned” Felicia admired herself in the mirror for one last time before stepping away from it. Turning to Kike, she continued “You know you won’t find a man by lying in bed on a Friday night right? Husbands don’t come that way. Or is it that you resolved to be single for the rest of your life?”

“I do know how husbands come, exactly why I won’t be pulling any strings. Heaven has a husband for me, and in due time he will arrive.”

Felicia burst into loud laughter at her response, making Kike feel stupid. “Husband that does not care that your biological clock is ticking, is that one husband?” Still giggling, she picked up her purse from the table. Sashaying towards the door, she continued “My sister, heaven only helps those who help themselves. Not those who lazily lay in bed on a Friday night waiting for a miracle to happen.” And with that, Felicia disappeared behind the door.


One hour had passed, and Kike still hadn’t gotten out of bed. After endlessly searching, with no success, for something interesting on her Twitter timeline to retweet or respond to, she rolled to the edge of the bed, stretched to connect her phone to the charger before settling back in bed.

Alone with her thoughts, the boredom finally began to set in as she stared absentmindedly at the ceiling. Thoughts of how she had planned her life began to fill the void of her mind. Not in her wildest imagination had she envisioned herself as a single thirty-year-old. But alas, life had other plans for her. She was thirty without a meaningful relationship, heck, she had no relationship whatsoever. Not even an admirer somewhere that she knew of. The plans she had for her life and her present reality were not in alignment at all.

Kike was brought back to the present by the blaring of her phone. The ringtone cutting through the silence that had filled the room upon Felicia’s departure. She glanced reluctantly in the direction of the phone for while. She was definitely not in the mood to talk. But as much as she wanted to ignore the call, telling herself that it was probably trouble waiting for her on the other end of the line, she could not do so. A  downside to being one of those people who believe ignoring phone calls on purpose to be rude.

She reached for the phone, her eyebrow furrowing as she stared at the number displaying on her phone screen. For a brief moment, she tried to see if she could recognize the number. She could not. She sat up comfortably in bed, swiped the screen of her smartphone to receive the call. As she brought the phone closer to her ear, something in her told her this might end up being one call she would not be forgetting in a hurry.

“Hello.” A strange voice, strangely calm and oozing of confidence too, echoed from the other end of the line.

The wheels of the voice recognition software in her head instantly set in motion, Kike responded gingerly “Hello, good evening.” her voice almost inaudible.

“Am I on to Kikelolu Braithwaite?” The caller inquired.

Getting apprehensive, Kike asked, “Please may I know who I’m talking to?” She was already quietly blaming herself for answering the call in the first place. Why did she not just stick to her gut feeling?

“My name is Michael, but I’d prefer that you call me Mike.”

Whoever this Mike was, he sure was sounding familiar and confident too. She tried to recollect but could not remember any Mike from any period of her life. After a brief moment, she responded. “I’m sorry, but I am not sure I know who this is.”

“Isn’t that a shame?” Mike responded, his voice still reeking of the confidence with which he spoke the first ‘hello.’ “I am the husband you’ve been waiting for, the one heaven has for you.”

“Felicia!” She muffled under her breath, chuckling lightly. Whatever the outcome of this conversation, one thing was already certain. This would indeed be one call she would not be forgetting anytime soon.

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