Increase Personal Productivity With These Hacks

Increase Personal Productivity With These Hacks

Many of us are truly desirous of increased productivity levels than that which we currently boast. One mistake we make is thinking we need to implement a big change to get the results we desire. Truth is, on the quest to increase personal productivity, it’s the little things that make the most difference. With that said, here are five simple hacks to help increase personal productivity levels.

Inculcate The Habit Of Doing ‘Fake Work.’

Fake work is any work done beforehand with the objective of reducing the pressure from yet to be executed projects. Fake work includes arranging schedules, jotting notes and writing ideas down, completing minimal tasks, writing a to-do list etc. The good thing about fake work is it doesn’t require so much concentration and mental energy.  If it is possible to incorporate this habit into your daily schedule, it is advisable you do it. However, if a daily schedule seems impossible, a weekly or project specific plan would also suffice.

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Discipline Your Self To Stop Hitting The Snooze Button.

Those extra minutes of sleep you get from snoozing your morning alarm really seem too gratifying to pass up on. But in reality, it actually does you more harm than good. Science has shown that at the first instance of waking up, the endocrine system releases an alertness hormone into the system. This hormone exists to get you ready for the rest of the day. What going back to sleep does is it slows down the process of this hormone’s release. So, when next you’re chanced to hit the snooze button on your alarm, remember, “It does more harm than good.”

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Get It Done First, Perfect It Later.

A lot of times, it’s our hunger for perfection that ultimately ends up becoming our undoing. Of course, it’s great to aim for perfection, but then, a dogged desire for perfection can end up affecting productivity. A lot of times, what we need is not a perfect product, but a product that can be improved on. In such cases, our hunger for perfection blinds us from seeing the need to get a product out first. When next you embark on a project, ask yourself, “Do I really need a perfect product or one that can be improved on?”

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Reduce Decision Fatigue.

Decision fatigue is defined as fatigue that comes from making a lot of little decisions over a period of time. These ‘little decisions’ range from what to wear to what to eat, what project(s) to tackle first and which to put on hold. These decisions, as little as they might seem, sap a lot of mental energy cumulatively. The negative effect of this is it leaves you with insufficient mental strength to handle issues that really matter. Decision fatigue can be reduced by implementing patterns and templates in your everyday activities.

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Seek Feedback.

What better way to increase personal productivity level than to seek feedback on prior projects you have executed. When seeking feedback, be true to yourself, avoid people you are assured will only tell you pleasing stuff. Seek those you know can afford to be objective, harsh and constructive at the same time. If you really want to increase personal productivity level, those are the people you want to hear from. I know positive feedback is very soothing, but with feedback, we should be willing to endure a bit of discomfort.

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