Inside The Mind Of A Liar

Inside The Mind Of A Liar

The best at what they do, a liar would tell you he did not receive your message. He would proceed to tell you a very touching story of how, coincidentally, his phone was stolen on that very day. He would narrate to your uninterested ears how he had headed home after closing from work that evening. How he had plugged his ears with music from his phone as he headed to board a bus. He would tell you of how the queue he met at the BRT bus stop made him change his mind. He would tell you of how he made the mistake of boarding a danfo instead and how up till now he regrets that decision.

In concluding his story, he would tell you of how he suddenly realized there was no more music. How he did not think much of it. How he thought he probably did not switch on the repeat mode on his music player and the album had come to an end.

Not a tad perturbed about the amount of energy living a lie requires, a liar would not hesitate to tell a lie. Even when the situation does not warrant he tells one, a liar would still proceed to tell a lie because that is who he is. And when the situation calls for it, expect a liar to be at his best. They tell the sort of stories that turns the narrative on its head. I’m talking stories so well told, that leave you feeling bad for challenging them in the first place. Liars are the masters of deception. They tell their lies effortlessly. It is very difficult to suspect them when they do their thing.

A liar does not care that in the future he has to tell another lie to cover up for the one he is telling now. He is very confident of his ability to weave up a false tale that serves its purpose on the spot. He hardly ever feels bad after he finishes telling another of his well-told lies. A liar would instead take pride in himself. A liar actually feels accomplished anytime he successfully tells a lie. Most especially when that gets him out of a fix.

A liar lives blind to the fact that the truth will always come to light because the last thing a liar wants to deal with is the truth. A liar is never prepared for the day he would get caught. He strongly believes he would never get caught. But liars always get caught, even the best of them. Sadly, liars never put that into consideration.

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