Jade Osiberu’s Sugar Rush Nollywood Movie Review

Jade Osiberu’s Sugar Rush Nollywood Movie Review

Sugar Rush is a Nollywood crime comedy produced by Jade Osiberu and directed by Kayode Kasum. Sugar Rush features Adesua Etomi-wellington, Bisola Aiyeola and Bimbo Ademoye.  While I can’t write an original review as I’m yet to see Sugar Rush myself, these are the best Sugar Rush movie reviews currently on the internet.

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‘Sugar Rush’ doesn’t Stick the Landing, but still merits Applause’ by Kunle Alao for Sodasnpopcorn

Comedy movies seem to have more room to flounder than other genres. If the scenes for laughs are done well, it can paper over any cracks in the other aspects of the film. It might not be a masterpiece, but it would be definitely memorable. But of my expectations of Jade Osiberu’s Sugar Rush, anticipating a full-on comedy wasn’t one of them. There would always be the comedy aside – which appears in basically every Nollywood pic – but a full-on comedy wasn’t envisaged.

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‘Kayode Kasum’s Crime Comedy “Sugar Rush” is the next Level’ by Mamazeus

The Jade Osiberu magic is back! This time, it shines through the directorial wand held by fast-rising director, Kayode Kasum.

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Sugar Rush is Kasum’s first attempt at a crime comedy and he does an impressive job directing the technical aspect of the movie. The detailing of camera angles, visual effects are a tell-tale sign of Kasum’s brilliance. Although Sugar Rush is an intentional, well-articulated piece of onscreen art, the movie is anything but a perfect comedy.

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‘Spoiler-free review of Sugar Rush’ by Emeka Nweze for Lists.ng

The story revolves around sisters who unwittingly discover a lot of money from the scene of a blood bath and how the events that follow change their lives forever. Just like every other Nollywood movie released these days, Sugar Rush is a larger than life story about ambition, betrayal, crime, fake life, you already know how it goes. However, even though it didn’t feel original, it was still intriguing with somewhat relatable characters and cheerful denouement.

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