Nollywood Filmmakers Series: Judith Audu-Foght


Judith Audu-Foght

Starting out is the most difficult part. Giving up is always an option, but persistence always pays off. Judith Audu’s career is all the proof you need to realize these statements being indeed true. Those who don’t know might believe Judith Audu to be one lucky filmmaker who found overnight success – in reference to the success of her debut feature film, Just Not Married. But those who know will tell you that if there are people in the movie industry deserving of a refund for overpaying at the dues department, Judith Audu would certainly be one of such people.

Just in case you are one of those thinking Judith Audu found overnight success in the film industry, here are four short films starring Judith Audu, movies she appeared in at a time when she was a somewhat unknown name in the industry, which you must have missed and need to catch up on. These movies are enough evidence to show that Judith is no “lucky” filmmaker, but a hardworking one who had at some point in her career had to cut her teeth on passion projects, and as such is very well deserving of whatever recognition she is presently enjoying in the industry.

Hit the play button on the videos below to catch up on the early days of Judith’s career with these four short movies.


Produced by – Bukky Aluko and Sayo Aluko

Director – Best Okoduwa

Release Date – Jan 31, 2015.

To watch  ‘Savior,’ click here.

Alpha Mom

Produced by – Adelarin Awotedu

Director – Akin Harrison

Release Date – Oct 20, 2014

To watch the short movie ‘Alpha Mom,’ click here.

If my memory serves well, this was the first time I saw Judith Audu’s Performance. About the same time that I discovered her blog.


Produced by – CNARIO Joseph

Director – CNARIO Joseph

Release Date – May 30, 2015.

To watch the short movie ‘Paranoia,’ click here.

Four Walls

Produced by –Lucky Igbomor and Kayode Shasi

Director – Lucky Igbomor and Kayode Shasi

Release Date – Aug 27, 2013.

To watch the short movie ‘Four Walls,’ click here.

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