This Is What A Mother Looks Like.

For Ikeade Stella Oluwabiyi nee Oyebadejo

Mother Love


A mother is one that genuinely cares. Sometimes we accuse them of caring too much, but they hardly take offense at our display of ignorance and naiveté. To a mother, the phrase “too much” is nonexistent. No matter how much she does, even when it clearly wears her out, she feels like she has not done enough. She believes she can always do more.

A mother does not wait to be appreciated for what she does. She is one that does not consider all she does for you. She gives her all, her motivation deeply rooted in love, a rare kind of love. The kind only her can express. A mother’s love is endless in depth. If it knows an end, then it is most likely not a mother’s love.

A mother is one who never gives up. Even when all hope seems lost and all others have thrown in the sponge, she keeps hoping. She never wants to see you lose, so she keeps encouraging you to put in a fight. And when you feel down and out, she knows the right things to do and say, to help you get back up on your feet.

A mother is one who lives a life of selfless giving, a life of constant sacrifice. Without second thoughts, she sacrifices her own luxury for you. Not for reward or validation, she sacrifices because that is what she knows to do.

A mother is a believer. A strong believer in all that you are and can be. She does not always believe because she understands, she believes simply because she is a believer, in you. Her faith in you keeps you focused and determined even without you knowing it.

The closest being you will ever know. Your peace is her peace, your pain, her pain. Your success is her success, your failure, her failure. When you smile, she smiles, and when your heart is heavy, hers is too.

A mother is one whom words will never be enough to extol, one who is worth more than all the precious stones in the world. One that is irreplaceable, a mother is one unlike no other.

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