Much Ado About Becoming And Staying Woke

Much Ado About Becoming And Staying Woke

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word, woke, in concise terms as the “past and past participle of wake.” However, to millennials, the interpretation of the word ‘woke’ has absolutely nothing to do with the physical activity of sleep.  While not actively discrediting the authenticity of its dictionary definition, the millennial woke refers to something entirely different. In the millennial lingo, to be ‘woke’ means to be enlightened and aware of the inner workings of specific issues. Most especially, issues with a lot of grey areas and deliberately concealed or distorted truths. To boast an unexpected level of understanding, that goes beyond the surface, of such issues and the world around them. Sounds cool, right? I bet you just about desire some wokeness in your life right now.

Defining and sticking to its primal motivation, being ‘woke’ sounds really dope. But when you begin to meet different people with their diverse interpretations of the idea, you are left to wonder. What the heck? I’m not arguing the existence of genuinely woke people. Yes, there are people who are truly about this woke life.  I’m only calling attention to those who with their excesses have made this whole woke movement become annoying. You only have to be on Twitter for so long to realize that ‘over wokeness’ is worrying some people. They just do too much with this ‘woke’ movement. They have successfully taken being woke from mental ability and turned it into being rude and confrontational

Nowadays, for the Generation Y, woke is the new cool. While I have nothing against ‘staying woke’, we do have to agree that over wokeness is an issue. For people in this category, it is evident that their wokeness is forced. Like, it’s fine to not have an opinion sometimes. It’s is very understandable. But, over woke people are never content with not having an opinion. You are human and not God. If anybody expects you to have a sound opinion on every issue, such a person is plain evil.

For others, it’s ‘unnecessary wokeness’ that is their problem. These are the ones that bring their wokeness to trivial issues. But when shit hits the fan and you need people to speak up, they are nowhere to be found.

And for some, it’s ‘mindless wokeness.’ You just know they have absolutely no clue what this woke construct is all about. They just want to jump on the train. Mindless wokeness has to be the most irritating of all forms of pseudo wokeness. You just feel like knocking some sense into their heads. They go around yapping ignorance, claiming to be woke. Regurgitating ideas they heard from other places and people, acting like they came to the conclusions on their own. No boo, whoever told you you was woke started a dumb rumor. No, you are not woke. You are plain ignorant and making a fool of yourself. You need to stop.

This is not me saying there is no such thing as genuine wokeness. And, this, also, isn’t me saying you should not strive to be woke. If woke is what you want, fine. Do you. But, you do know your wokeness doesn’t mean you have to make others uncomfortable, right?

Some people are so woke, they have traded their humanity for wokeness. You look at them and wonder if they have any feelings at all. They range from cold to insensitive and humorless. This sort of people would not recognize a joke even if it smacked them right in the face. Wokeness has robbed them of their ability to tell lighthearted topics apart from serious issues. On second thought, maybe they still possess the ability to recognize humor. But for whatever reasons are only concerned about maximizing every opportunity to show off their wokeness.

The goal of this post is not to talk down being woke – pfft like I could even if I tried. I’m not anti woke, I’m pro genuine woke. The goal of this post is simply to remind you that;

  1. Your wokeness is not a valid excuse for rudeness or being excessively confrontational when tackling issues. You don’t always have to cause a scene to pass your point across. Get it?
  2. Your wokeness doesn’t mean you always have to share your opinion. You don’t even always need to have an opinion. Let people find things out in their own way and at their own pace.
  3. Everything, when done out of moderation, is abuse, Yes, I am saying, not only drugs, even ‘staying woke’ can be abused. Don’t be a woke abuser.
  4. You might be actually be woke, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will always be the wisest in the room. Let me rephrase that for contemporary understanding. You might truly be woke, but that doesn’t guarantee you will always be the wokest in the room. You should learn to keep quiet and listen sometimes. Be humble! Sit down!

Why do I feel like I have poked some woke bears with this post?

I’ll be awaiting those ‘woke’ comments below…

Also, if you know of other forms of faux wokeness that I failed to highlight in this post, do well to drop by in the comment section.

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