My Top 5 MTV Shuga Season 6 Characters

My Top 5 MTV Shuga Season 6 Characters

MTV Shuga season 6 just came to an end, and a big shout out to the actors from the show. I believe the actors did justice to their characters. However, in this post, I’ll be picking my top 5 Shuga season 6 characters.

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I know a lot of you are in shock right now, thinking, “How can that monster even make your list?” Even I myself hate Bada for what he did to FAA and hope to see Karma bite him in the behind. But it’s just, I have a weakness for catchy catchphrases. And way before he did what he did to Faa, Bada’s catchphrase had already gotten to me. And again, I think his character actually reminds us that shit people really do exist in our world.

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Even though Wasiu was literally trouble and bad influence walking on two legs, he was quite fun to watch. Wasiu brought the unserious and fun flavor to the group, unlike Ebisinde, Baba just serious from start to finish, kilode! Shout out to Tomiwa Tegbe for his interpretation of the Wasiu character.


I merged these two characters because, even though they operated in different spaces, they both exhibit similar character traits… maturity and understanding. You could easily swap both characters and the switch wouldn’t be really noticeable from their actions. I particularly loved how both of them, rather than evading, were open to having adult conversations with younger ones. Honestly, our world needs adults like these.

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One of the reasons I loved Faa’s character was because she was always on the lookout for her younger ones. The episode where she left the music video set mid-rehearsal just to ensure her sister’s safety won my heart. Like, even though she was desperate for a career breakthrough, she didn’t allow that become an excuse to neglect her siblings.


I believe you’ll agree with me that this season of Shuga tackled a lot of really serious issues. The season saw the issues of rape, teenage abuse, child marriage, we even saw a miscarriage. Amidst all of these, one of the Shuga season 6 characters that lightened the mood was Mrs. Olotu. Mrs. Olotu’s character provided the much needed comic relief, little wonder she sits atop the list of my top 5 Shuga season 6 characters.

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So there you have it guys, my top 5 Shuga season 6 characters. Do you agree with my pick? Please, let me know in the comments section.

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