Nollywood Filmmakers Series: Stanlee Ohikhuare

Nollywood Filmmaker Stanlee Ohikhuare

A cinematographer, director, producer and editor, Stanlee Ohikhuare, is an all-around filmmaker. The multiple award-winning Stanlee Ohikhuare is one of the rare breeds of filmmakers in the Nigerian movie industry. His projects are hardly ever “conventional.” Of the few filmmakers with the courage to defy the odds and act outside the box, Stanlee is one. His earlier experimentations with the horror genre, which he executed really well, were what really endeared me to this filmmaker. A shame the horror genre has not found a place in the growing Nigerian cinema culture. I can only imagine how much Stanlee Ohikhuare would have achieved with that genre. That notwithstanding, if there ever were to be a “master of horror” in Nollywood, it would most definitely be Stanlee.

Aside from his filmmaking genius, another striking feature about Stanlee Ohikhuare is his eye for talent. This is not an unfounded claim as he has displayed his knack for recognizing talents repeatedly over the course of his career.  Stanlee is one to hardly call on big names to ensure the success of his projects. Rather, he mostly turns to “relatively unknown” but “very talented” actors and actresses. And it is worthy of note that these relatively unknown performers almost always go on to become household names. The Stanlee Ohikhuare effect, maybe? Once again I say, this is not a bogus claim. There is a long list of names to back this up.

‘Deyemi Okanlawon, before he found widespread recognition in the industry had initially worked a couple times with Stanlee. Oblivious, Kpians Premonition, Kpians: Feast Of Souls are some of the projects they worked together on. Years later, Deyemi would become a household name in the Nigerian movie industry. Same goes for doctor turned actress, Kiki Omeili. Long before the industry started paying attention to her craft, Stanlee had repeatedly put his faith in her. He cast her in projects like Oblivious, Kpians Premonition, Kpians: Feast Of Souls. I could go on and on with this list. Horn Free Day was probably my first time seeing Gregory Ojefua in a movie and now Gregory is everywhere. Uzor Osimkpa has followed her appearances in Kpians Premonition and Oblivious with roles in even bigger productions. Kelechi Udegbe, Ijeoma Grace Agu, Zainab Balogun, Ani Iyoho, and Leonora Okine all further prove this claim.

(P.S. If you are by any chance reading this sir, I would like to feature in your next movie. It doesn’t have to be a major role, waka pass would do. I believe so strongly, judging from antecedence, that my career is certain to take off following that.)

Stanlee Ohikhuare’s Filmography includes.


Behind The Wheels (2017): Watch Trailer Here

Stupid Movie (2015): Watch Teaser Here

Common Man (2015): Watch Trailer Here

Amiable (2015): Watch Teaser Here

Kpians: The Feast Of Souls (2014): Watch Trailer Here

Tunnel (2014): Watch Trailer Here

Sting (2013): Watch Teaser Here


Coat Of Harm (2017): Watch Teaser Here

Loop (2015): Watch Full Movie Here

Retrospect (Whispers) (2015): Watch Full Movie Here

Payback (2015): Watch Full Movie Here

Oblivious (2014): Watch Full Movie Here

Verdict (2014): Watch Full Movie Here

Horn Free Day (2014): Watch Full Movie Here


Kpians Premonition (2013)

Episode One

Episode Two & Three


Deadwood (2013): Watch ‘Deadwood’ Documentary Here

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