Nonso Amadi Releases ‘Radio’ Music Video

Nonso Amadi Releases 'Radio' Music Video

Artiste and record producer, Nonso Amadi, made a quiet entrance into the music industry with his 2015 hit, Tonight. He followed that up shortly with the release of his debut project, the extended play which he titled Alone. Ever since making his entrance, the singer has grown from obscurity to significance, recognition, and relevance in the industry. The London-based Nigerian singer and songwriter is steadily building a cult following of loyal fans in the underground.

If one thing is plain to see about Nonso, it is that he has his heart set on his art. At a time when commercial music might have been an artiste’s best bet, Nonso, evidently following his heart, opted to make music strictly of the alternative genre. A genre of music that, as at when he was starting his music career, was not particularly enjoying popular support in the country. But that was not reason enough to stop Nonso. Neither did it lead him to compromise on his artistic taste and values.

Fast forward to two years later, and Nonso’s is an example of finding success in the most unlikely of places. The singer has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian music scene with his commercially successful alternative tunes. Over these two years, Nonso’s career has grown in leaps and bounds, achieving enviable success in the process. Nonso isn’t only finding success on the personal front, he is also helping advance the country’s alternative music culture alongside. For his prowess and exploits, Nonso is considered by a number of industry observers as the leader of the new school of Nigerian musicians. Worthy of note is how these feats have been achieved without the backing of a major record label.

The singer recently released the visual treatment to his 2016 Juls produced hit track, Radio, the second of his career. The video was shot by UAX, who was also responsible for Nonso’s tonight music video released earlier this year. The video consists of mild dreamy sequences and boasts a strong overall retro Caribbean feel.

Watch the Nonso Amadi music video below.

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