Not So DADDY YO? On The Shola/Wizkid Drama And Celebrity Stans.

So, I logged in to Twitter this morning to a barrage of tweets about Nigerian musician, Wizkid. It turned out Daddy Yo had been dragged on Instagram by his first baby mama, Shola Ogudu, for being a deadbeat dad. The frustrated mother of their son, Boluwatife Balogun, had shared screenshots from some of their conversations to back up her accusations. (click here for full info) Unsuprisingly, the bulk of the tweets on my timeline were not even about the meltdown itself. The tweets, instead, served the purpose of continuing a fan war that had consequently begun.

These tweets, as per usual, were coming from three separate camps. There were tweets of solidarity and affirmation of unconditional support for Wizkid from the Wizkid Stan camp. Right on the other hand, there were scathing tweets from the camp of Daddy Yo’s music industry coeval, Davido, bashing him for being a terrible father. Alongside these tweets were tweets of veneration for Davido for being a better father than Wizkid. (More on the comparisons later) And, oh yes, there were tweets from the neutral camp, too. Those who were only concerned about justice.

My two cents on the issue between Wizkid and Shola? I am of the opinion that Wizkid can, and should, do better. As for Shola, i feel she could have handled this better. I understand she must have thought revealing this information would put pressure on Wizkid, and, hopefully, cause him to act right. But the reality, as evidenced by how fans hijacked Shola’s move and turned it into fan wars, is that people on social media don’t really care about your pains and frustrations. These people have issues of their own they are dealing with and aren’t looking to add yours to theirs. For a lot, social media is an escape, they only come to laugh and banter all day long. So, as a result, when you come and bare your soul, they are unmoved, because they’ve programmed themselves to see humor and create banter out of everything.

Now, to fans that make every celebrity saga an opportunity for comparisons, you need to stop! I think it’s totally beside the point in this case, and every other one before it. The issue at hand here is between Daddy Yo and Shola, there is really no point dragging Davido into it. I feel in such situations, its unfair to the affected party, in this case Shola, to hijack and turn the situation into a comparison fest. It only makes a situation that should be about them become less about them. This crazy and irrational obsession with comparing our favorites celebs is really sickening and needs to stop. It’s like a lot of fans are ignorant of the fact that it’s possible to Stan without pitting our favorite celebs against each other.

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