My Predictions For MTV Shuga: Down South

MTV Shuga Down South

Two posts on MTV Shuga: Down South? Well, now you can tell I am really excited about the series.

So, ever since I saw episode one of the new season, my brain would not stop making guesses about how the drama would likely unfold, conjuring these likely scenes up. Hence, I have decided to share some of my wild guesses as regards the likely plot of MTV Shuga: Down South.

I will begin with Bongi. Following Sol’s heroic act of rescuing her at the end of episode one, I predict we might be seeing a love triangle consisting of Bongi, Sol, and Reggie. Why? The expression on Bongi’s face when Zamo was dancing with Reggie has to mean something, right. I know according to the story, they are “just childhood friends.” But you know how these filmmakers can be with childhood friends turning out to become lovers. If it ever will, I’ll be looking to see how this love triangle will play out.

The very moment I saw the character Storm, even before that ravenous look she gave Femi when he first arrived at Club Surge, I could tell she would be trouble. Poor Femi, he does not even have a clue what’s coming for him. (Sheila, where are you! Come and mark your territory please!) I predict Storm ruining Femi and Sheila’s relationship. She will do everything possible to seduce him.Femi would, of course, try his best to ignore her advances, but I envision a moment of weakness.  And I do not see Femi doing the Joseph, not giving in at that moment.

As for Sheila finding out, maybe she comes for a surprise visit or something. I have no clue how it will play out, but she will find out. Sort of like the case with Leo, Dala and Miss B’have in MTV Shuga: Love, Sex, Money, I have that strong feeling that Storm would be the end of Femi and Sheila’s “Magnetic Relationship.” And it breaks my tender heart *sad face.

As for Ipeleng, my darling Ipeleng. I have an eerie feeling that her drive would lead her into trouble. Honestly, I am scared for her. Most especially as regards her relationship with Rakeem, her boss at Club Surge.  My mind tells me he would soon start having ideas. He does look like a predator. I am truly scared for her.

This is as much as my brain as tried to figure out so far. If anything new comes up, I will keep you posted.

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