RedTv’s Assistant Madams Trailer Review: A Response To The Men’s Club?

RedTv’s Assistant Madams Trailer Review: A response To The Men’s Club?

RedTv’s Assistant Madams might just be REDtv’s response to one of the most successful scripted drama shows on their platform in recent times, The Men’s Club. Ayoola Ayolola and Sharon Ooja’s characters from The Men’s Club even made an appearance in the trailer in what I believe would be a cameo appearance, but could be more. While The Men’s Club took us into the down and dirty world of men, RedTv’s Assistant Madams focuses on exploring the world of women. When I was watching the trailer, all I could think was, “The creators certainly decided to flip their The Men’s Club success formula on this one.”

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Assistant Madams is a chick-flick that throws us into the world of three young ladies on their pursuit of success. Chioma, played by Osas Ighodaro is said to be a ‘Finesser’ by profession – whatever that means.  The second character, Tamara, played by Sophie Alakija is an upcoming movie actress/movie producer.  The third character of the trio, Lara played by Tana Adelana is an entrepreneur. But, for all three of them, their legit hustles are just a front, their real cheese comes from being side-chicks. It’s safe to say Assistant Madam’s is basically about the inner workings of being a side-chick.

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One thing that can be gleaned from the trailer is that Assistant Madams has a very high probability of it being over-sexualized. The two minutes plus long trailer comes packed with scenes with bikinis, lingeries, a stripper party, office & hotels romps, it’s really a handful. But, then again, there is also the possibility of these things being minimal in the show with the producers only stuffing the trailer with all these raunchy scenes as a marketing strategy – yes! Filmmakers know that most of you people like bab bad things. So, if you intend to watch the show, be warned, or be excited, depending on whichever side of the divide you fall on.

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The production quality on RedTV’s Assistant Madams looks really top-notch. Technically it looks flawless. There are some interesting camera angles and shots from the trailer and the general look of the project is commendable. The locations are beautiful and exquisite, the costumes – for the times they were formally dressed, at least – are elegant. Everything in the trailer was just so beautiful to watch. Hopefully, the show doesn’t get lost in all the beauty and flashiness it packs.

Save for a previously released teaser, and the recently released trailer, not much information is out there about Assistant Madams. My educated guess for the show’s premiere date would be sometimes in the first quarter of the year, the second quarter at least.

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Assistant Madams is a RedTv and Urban vision Production collaborative project and it is directed by Tola Odunsi. Bola Atta, Akin Akinkugbe & Tola Odunsi serve as executive producers on the show, while the writing was handled by Sylvya Oluchy. From what I’ve seen of the trailer, RedTv’s Assistant Madams has everything to be one of the most talked-about shows on the internet, or on RedTv’s channel, at least.


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