Rumour Has It Season 2: Thoughts And Observations. [Watch]

Rumour Has It Season 2: Thoughts And Observations.

Yes, this post is a late post, a very late one, actually. By now, I expect it shouldn’t be news anymore that Rumour Has It season 2 is currently airing. The show returned for a second season on March 23, 2018, and is already four episodes in at this time. But that notwithstanding, I’ll be sharing some observations from the season’s pilot episode in this post.

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The show, Rumour Has It, is one of digital content creation powerhouse, Ndani Tv’s, original web shows. The first season of the show aired on May 16, 2016. And, concluding entirely from audience reaction, the show wasn’t particularly a hit with fans of web content. Even though it had the tendency to be a great show, it ended up failing to meet audience expectation.

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The series tells the story of a popular celebrity blogger Obi Obi. Obi enjoys a successful career posting rumors, not particularly minding the effect of her action on the concerned parties. Obi soon finds herself on the opposite end of the stick when news of her husband’s infidelity leaks online. The rumor is confirmed to be true, and this, ultimately, leads to Obi’s marriage hitting the rocks. The rest of the show chronicles Obi struggling to make a comeback after being dealt that vicious blow.

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As mentioned earlier, the second season of Rumour Has It Season 2 premiered in 2018, following a 2-year break. Upon the release of its trailer, one of the major revelations was that the new season would feature a heavily changed cast. The plot of the series is also affected by the change as Obi stops being the show’s focus character. Asides from these two, here are other observations from Rumour Has It Season 2 episode 1.

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