SHORT STORY: The Pursuit Of Love

Despair not, for love will find you.

SHORT STORY: The Pursuit Of Love


His heart skipped a beat. And, for a microsecond, he froze, horrified, as his phone vibrated to notify him the call was now engaged. In a brief moment, the presenter’s excited voice bled into his ears. He found the lilt of her voice particularly pleasing to his ears.

“Hello. Good morning. You are welcome to the overnight lounge on Chill FM.” She said.

This was the part where he had to say something, he guessed. His lips quivered for few seconds. But the words refused to come out. It seemed like the words had taken a detour on their way out of his mouth. He had always been one to ridicule men seeking to be matchmade. He considered it an act of weakness and nothing else. Not for the life of him did he see himself ‘stooping that low.’ But, all that was in the past. Right now, he was on live radio, about to request to be matchmade. This made him feel like he had become the weakest of all men. His search for love had brought him to his perceived all time low.

“Hello. Are you there?” The presenter, the beautiful May Uti asked, to confirm if her guest was still on the line. He knew she was beautiful because he had looked her up on social media. After four months of listening religiously to her show every weeknight, he concluded it was only right he put a face to the name. He was struck by the beautiful pictures of her he found on her Instagram page. He did not follow her account but he began a ritual of checking her page occasionally for new pictures. Every time he dropped by, he had to deal with the temptation of liking or dropping a comment on the post.

He exhaled deeply. “Good morning, May.” He responded, his voice dry and trembling. The conversation proceeded with him sharing details about himself followed by listing his specific requirements in a woman. He kept the part about himself true and concise. He believed it cockiness to be verbose when talking about your own self. And he was not about to come off as cocky on live radio. He considered tooting your own horn, especially in public, a shameless act. It amused him how people could comfortably do it. As far as he was, and would always be, concerned, the general consensus of those close to you concerning you was always the truth. Or, at least, an indication of it.

As for his requirements in a lady, he made sure to avoid the clichés. Like culinary skills and,  of course, the one almost everybody included in their lists, the fear of God.  He had always wondered why everybody seemed to be particular about the opposite partner being ‘God-fearing.’ Not by a long shot would he consider himself a God-fearing person. It was not as if he was an atheist. He did acknowledge the existence of a supreme being and tried his best to uphold certain religious standards. But, he had done so poor a job with his spirituality overtime that he concluded it would be unfair to mention the fear of God as a criterion.

He mentioned the ability to hold intellectual conversations and be fun with it. He also added being teachable to the list. Growing up, his father had told him that a teachable woman was the best a man could find. His father had likened a teachable woman to a canvas holding an unfinished painting. He told him it was the man’s job to complete that painting and ensure it turns out beautiful.

The call was over in no time and, feeling relieved, he dropped his phone on the bedside lamp stand. It felt like a weight had just been lifted off his chest. He stared contemplatively at the roof of his room. Was this really how he was eventually going to find love? If it did happen, how was he going to tell his close friends about it? Was he going to have to lie to them? What if he did and they found out? That would be extremely embarrassing and he was sure he would not be able to cope with the resultant shame. But telling them would equally be embarrassing.

They had always mocked the idea of finding love through matchmaking as a group. But, getting turned down by three different ladies in the space of eight months had brought him to this place. It was after the third and most devastating of those experiences that he stumbled on and became an ardent listener to May Uti on the overnight lounge. He was yet to come to a conclusion before he dozed off.

That was 18 months ago. Tonight they are at the creamery they had their first date. And he is presently on one knee. Who would have imagined he would be proposing to the beautiful May Uti a year and a half ago. She was supposed to help him find love not be the one in whom he found love. But, unknown to both of them, the universe had other plans in store for them. He had, out of curiosity, sent her a direct message via Twitter a week after the phone call. He still hadn’t heard anything and just thought dropping a reminder would help. That created an opening and they started exchanging messages from that point. The topic of their conversations began to get more and more personal over time. It eventually led to that first date at the creamery, even though they both pretended it was not one.

The initial feeling of shock starts to wear off giving room for the beginnings of a coy smile on May Uti’s face. He holds her gaze with confidence, he knows he is definitely about to get a ‘yes.’

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  • July 18, 2017 at 8:17 am

    Awww, this is a very sweet story.

    • July 19, 2017 at 12:03 am

      Hi there, Kay. I’m really happy you found it interesting. Thanks once again.


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