Speed Up Your Google AdSense Application Approval

Speed Up Your Google AdSense Application Approval

Before I proceed with this, I would like to point out that, there are no guarantees. Google holds the exclusive right to decide if a blog qualifies for approval or not. Even if you adhere to all the points mentioned in this checklist, you might still end up not getting approved. The points I outline here are those ones I can point to that worked for me when I submitted my Google AdSense application. Hopefully, they work for you too.

1. Ensure that you have a higher ratio of text to multimedia content. Google has an overt preference for blogs that are rich in text content, as opposed to multimedia content.  When I submitted my first Google AdSense application, I had a lot of YouTube videos embedded in my post. As a result, my first application was rejected and this was contained in my rejection email. In preparation for my second application, I replaced those links with text and I got approved on my second try.

2. I wouldn’t know for sure the total amount of posts you need to get your Google AdSense application approved now. Some have said 20, others  30, I even saw 60 somewhere. For me, when my Google AdSense application got approved, I had published close to 40 posts. However, I want to believe it’s the quality of your posts that matter most. And by “quality” I mean how original your posts are, media to text ratio, and the average length of your posts.

3. You might also need to put an about page, contact page, and a privacy policy page in place. To be completely honest, I doubt if this really makes any difference as I’ve seen blogs without them get approved. But then, a lot of experts advice that you have them on your blog before submitting your application. And, since it doesn’t cost much to come up with the pages, I say why not?

4. Make sure there are no copyrighted materials or links to them on your blog. Google is very strict when it comes to copyright infringements. Applying for an AdSense account means your blog will be reviewed by Google. Hence, applying when you have copyrighted material flagrantly flying around on your blog doesn’t leave you with an edge.

5. Hope and Pray. What can I say? It will likely take a while before Google responds to your application. The reviews don’t occur within a fixed amount of time. So, what would you have me advice be done during the waiting period?  Hope and pray! At least, I did.

6. And, just in case your application gets rejected, don’t despair. The good thing about AdSense is that they don’t reject your application without giving reason(s) why. Your rejection mail will come with reason(s) why your application was not accepted. Go through that carefully, and work on the issues highlighted. I got approved for the program on my second application. My first application was rejected because, at that time, I had a higher ratio of media content than I did text on my blog. My rejection mail stated that clearly.

I wouldn’t lie, I got discouraged a bit when I got that mail. But I didn’t let discouragement last, I had to encourage myself. So, I proceeded to replace some media contents with text in places where I could afford to do so. I also took off some media contents that were not really of much importance. Finally, I uploaded a few more posts with really high text to media ratio. When I was convinced I had increased the text to media ratio of my blog, I submitted my second application. And, the rest, as they say, is….

I would like to say a very big thank you to you for following me through this series. I do hope this series has been helpful to you, I really do.

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